The Death of Adsense, Life After Adsense, The Autopsy

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    Scott 'Nada Guru' Boulch hit the internet in Shocking fashion
    in 2006 when he brought The Death of Adsense to us.

    Nearly 40,000 people had joined Scott's list in just a matter
    of weeks.

    He then unvailed, to those of us who signed up, Life After
    which really opened my eyes to some possibilities.

    A few days ago he released a free report he titled The Autopsy.

    I just got notice early last evening that Life After Adsense
    was now available to the public.

    While testing his information I stumbled across something
    and I'm in the process of testing it further because I was
    getting extremely inexpensive traffic joining my list which
    made testing my campaigns much cheaper.

    So far, I've been unsuccesful in my campaigns, but I went from
    recruiting one person a month to my opt in list to sometimes 3
    or more per day and my current campaign isn't running full speed
    yet. If you run Google campaigns then you know it can take days
    for it to kick in and level off.

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