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  1. ibuzzmentor

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    The summer is just flying by. I have really struck gold with Ibuzz Pro. Not only for creating leads for my main business GRN, but for allowing me a second income stream where the sale is so simple. People watch the webinar for Ibuzz Pro and they quickly understand that it is a tool that all successful sales pros must have. The past week I have been averaging a sale a day part time with this. When you tell people you can create leads on demand, that you have a free Do Not Call list scrubber, and there are over 15 million leads to call in the back office you have an amazing product. I have cut down my lead generation costs by 60% using this software. I can contact the masses, thousands of people in an hour if I want. The cost of actually making the calls is SO much cheaper than using voiceshot or vontoo. It really is amazing.

    The other day I did a small blast to real estate agents about 300 of them. It cost me 6 bucks to broadcast. I have made 2 sales off of it, 1000 in profits, one guy just signed up without even speaking with him. It is crazy how simple it is. A one exposure and then close. Unlike other big ticket programs where it takes 4-6 exposures to close. Ibuzz Pro and the 500 dollar software costs is also the perfect feeder program for those that cannot afford the 2k-6k it costs to join many high ticket items. People get started here save up some money and then can join that big program.

    For those that have no money Ibuzz Pro has what we call Plan B. If you have serious pre existing contacts that could use this software to create sales you can refer that person in and that will count as your buy in (you still have to pay the small corporate back office fee) but the 500 is waived. The only problem with coming in this way is you have no real website to market with ( people use mine, or you have to have people attend a live webinar), plus you lose that person for good. But it is possible if you have relationship capital.

    Again in my five years working from home I have never seen a lead generation tool so simple and effective to use. Since everyone is any sales business whether it be mlm, networking, cash gifting, direct sales, real estate , insurance, mortgage , need this tool our marketplace is endless. Of course I love mentoring my new people as the compensation plan makes it worth my time to help them make sales. Again Ibuzz Pro is a must have tool, and now I am realizing a truly simple 6 figure a year cash flow oppty. Check out the webinar on demand page also, it has increased sales by 300%. Here is to all of you having great success in 2008!

  2. ibuzzmentor

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    In my five years working from home this is by far the best lead generation tool in the marketplace. Voice broadcasting has dropped like a rock and is so cheap to do that every sales pro must have it in his arsenal to be able to create high quality leads on demand. Realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers,and networkers are all on my team using this tool to not only market for Ibuzz pro but to market their own businesses.
  3. ibuzzmentor

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    I have been with Ibuzz Pro for well over six months now. I am a top producer there and it really is a MUST HAVE sales tool no matter what business you are promoting. I have real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, wedding shop owners, carpenters, contractors, cash gifter, mlmers, people in GRN, Liberty League, Emerald Passport, and many others that are using Ibuzz Pro to help them create leads for their business. They then also use Ibuzz pro to help them sell ibuzz pro.

    It is all about a targeted message to a targeted list. No matter what your are promoting make SURE that you are telling the customer whatever they want to hear in the message so they resonate with it and then either call you back or go to your website. By joining our team, the top producing team in Ibuzz Pro you will have access to strategies that are plug in play. Even if your horrible over the phone we have developed a system you can use to do broadcasts and get people to your website.

    If you are a big thinker and a team leader and want to maximize your profits you will usually add another program to your portfolio that you can use Ibuzz pro to sell .People then join that business. Guess what their first question is after they join? How can I market this business? You then show them Ibuzz pro and it works as a perfect 1-2 punch. It is called the upsell approach. You then have TWO cash flow streams working for you. Everyone that joins Ibuzz Pro will join your other business and vice versa. That is how leaders think.

    We can teach you these strategies. The bottom line is Ibuzz pro has exploded my sales in my businesses and it is a must have tool for ANYONE in sales. No matter what business your in. Whether your looking to promote just Ibuzz Pro or your local business to people in your area Ibuzz pro can help you do it. And the money is great. The start up is fairly low and you give yourself a tool and a service that is truly marketable. Check out the webinar down below, it does 95% of the work for me and you can have one just like it.

    With the new year coming up NOW is the time to get involved. With the economy going down the toliet you need cash flow streams and Ibuzz pro allows you to do that.

  4. TJamMoneyMan

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    Is anything still happening with IBuzzPro?

    I noticed these posts are over a year old so I can't help but wonder...

    Only asking because of a person I met who was into IBP.
  5. FreeCashMan

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    There are suppose to be some serious FTC rule changes regarding phone broadcasting going into effect in September will Ibuzzpro still be operational in the same way as before?

    I know people are still using the system, cause I get calls, lol.
  6. patwin

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    I used IBuzzpro last summer - I've used automatic dialers for years and thought IBP had some tech that was useful mainly the ability to remove people that were on the do not call list - Started using in May of 2008 and I was done with it by September 2008 - I think so many people jumped on and diluted the power of it.

    There are new rules about calling and mailing coming to the land - I try to stay on top of that anyway so I just dropped IBP.

    The only time I use the dialer now is to get back to people that I can't reach - I don't originate calls anymore - people really don't like it.
  7. pplrulz

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    It's oversaturated.... I did phone broadcast club for about 4 months and had some success... In my opinion PPC is way better
  8. ibuzzmentor

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    Ibuzz Pro is fine. You can still contact opt ins and of course business to business calls. YOu just cannnot contact consumers anymore

    Ibuzz has a lot more tools they are rolling out to add value to the back office.

    I use a simple system like this.

    I use a harvester to harvest the numbers of people that are in networking right now. I then broadcast to them as its legal because if your advertising your business online you are in business even if your on the dnc list. I broadcast a message to them talking about the phone center I work with and no more prospecting. I then direct them to a website to watch a webinar and then I have the call center call them back. I then if need be close the sale. I spend all my time talking to aces and closing sales.Ibuzz Pro helps me do that. This strategy has made me a fortune. And I still advise anyone to continue to use voice broadcasting in a legal way.

  9. loanhomewealth

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    The problem Ibuzz Pro is having now is everyone and their mother knows about voice broadcasting. Ibuzz Pro and Phone Broadcast Club are fizzling out because there are only so many mlmers and home business people one can contact to try to sell them on voice broadcasting. I believe fully in voice broadcasting as I do very well with it. But with the new laws you must only call businesses. And you cannot sell them on Ibuzz Pro because they dont care. You must use Ibuzz pro to sell them something else.

    I like to contact realtors, loan officers, mortgage brokers, non profits and others looking to generate capital about Loan Home Inc. Basically I call these people using voice broadcasting letting them know that Loan Home Inc is the only company out there that will actually pay the consumer for getting a mortgage or a refi. Plus I let them know that they will get paid if they refer a customer. It is a revolutionary, unique, ground floor service that interests these people.

    If your going to be successful using Ibuzz Pro you BETTER lead with another program or business that will resonate with businesses. You have to understand that trying to sell Ibuzz Pro now is dead. That is why they have come up with so many other things now such as emailing or selling data. All of it seems desperate along with them trying to sell mlm leads to the people left in Ibuzz Pro. Again voice broadcasting is good but you will make a lot more money being smart and marketing services to businesses that they can use and that are unique and innovative. I wish you all nothing but success

  10. ibuzzmentor

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    Yes I agree that Ibuzz Pro and marketing other voice broadcasting is way over saturated. It is amazing how many of these pop up all under cutting one another . First IBP then PBC now Push Button. And then Ibuzz Pro goes out there and creates a travel business. Like there aren't 8000 of them out there. Can anyone for once be creative and unique.

    I am cycling like crazy in MPB today and the reason why is it is unique. If you can ask someone, " If I can show you a way to eliminate your groceries, earn thousands helping others do the same, PLUS earn free wal mart gift cards, would that excite you? " You can use Ibuzz Pro to deliever that message to those in other businesses who are probably not making any money. Those are b2b calls and that is how you build a team fast. We also give our team free capture pages and a great training site. MPB is one of the only programs I have been a part of where if you need to make money quick and fast you can do it here. I have seen plenty of people cycle who have no experience what so ever making money here.

    I wouldnt waste my time marketing Ibuzz pro or any voice broadcasting, but the tool still has a bit of relevance.

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