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Discussion in 'Humor' started by Vishal P. Rao, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Although I was a very cheerful person in my teens, circumstances made me dead serious. It's not that I didn't laugh anymore, but on the whole, I had a serious disposition towards life. I really didn't fathom the seriousness of my seriousness until I realised I was aging faster (much faster) than my peers. That's when I decided to take up this funny exercise. Since last one week I'm making a deliberate effort to smile (for no reason whatsoever) whenever I can. Here are my findings:

    1) My entire outlook towards life has changed. I see humor in most incidents.
    2) My appetite has returned and I'm putting on weight (It's no wonder that it's difficult to find thin happy people).
    3) I laugh easily at jokes.
    4) Simple things my son does make me laugh and smile.
    5) I feel healthier and optimistic.

    We all are born to be happy and merry. Just look at kids. How happy and playful they are. One of the most valuable lesson my son taught me is to be happy all the time. And we parents/society turn them into serious beings by instilling false beliefs, fear etc.

    I believe the biggest gift a parent can give to his child is to nurture and preserve his sense of humor so that it becomes a vital part of his life.

    For those who have forgotten to be happy, just try my exercise and see the difference.
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    How true, Vishal!

    That's exactly why I started and its newsletter, Bit O' WAHumor.

    Working at home is even tougher and more stressful than going off to work just because you are "at home". When "work" and "home" blend, it creates some veeeeeery interesting situations!

    Here's a little WAHumor for you, from a subscriber:

    There was the day I was on the phone wheeling and dealing with an affiliate manager for a higher commission based on my sales volume. My daughter had come up to me several times and asked me questions and I kept saying "yes" without really listening. I hung up the phone to find that my daughter (age 3) had drawn a "mural" on my wall. As I freaked out, she assured me, "But Mommy, you said yes!".
  3. Vishal P. Rao

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    wahumor said:
    Here's a little WAHumor for you, from a subscriber:

    Actually I find humor in anything kids do. Before I had kids, I never used to see sense of humor in things other people's kids do. Now that I have a son, instead of freaking out, I just enjoy watching him do silly things. Really, you should have kids to relive your sense of humor.

    Glad to have you as a member! Looking forward to some humorous posts :)
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    I like that, good post!

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