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  1. Chaz T

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    Hi Work at homers!

    Over the past few months I've received a fair share of emails from people that are curious about starting their own online business, but it seems that they all share a common mindset that I think we all struggled with at one point in time (or still do).

    So in my post below, I just wanted to offer a little encouragement to those that are thinking about pursuing your online dreams but are having a bit of self-doubt:

    Have you ever fallen victim to the two words...IF ONLY.

    If only I had more money....

    If only I were taller...

    If only I were smarter...

    If only my boss would...

    If only I wasn't so timid...

    If only I had a better education....

    If only I could speak better....

    If only making money was easier...

    If only I didn't come from a poor family...

    If only my parents taught me how to save....

    If only I was born rich....

    If only I wasn't so shy....

    If only I wasn't so quiet....

    If only I wasn't so new at this...

    If only...If only.... If only...

    (Then we end it with the famous)


    I'm sure you could think of hundreds of more "if only" scenarios that people could relate too. For some reason we as humans try to justify why we don't take the first step on the road to our dreams.

    I struggled with some of these "if only's" (and more) for years so I know that it can be a big hindrance in achieving my own goals. And if we continue to let it dominate and overtake our minds, then what happens is we begin to buy into that thought pattern and hide behind those excuses.

    If you continue to live in the mindset of "if only" than you will never take action! The reason is because you are waiting for that "perfect" moment before you decide to start. And what happens is that "perfect" moment never shows up.... And guess what.... you never start. I played that game for years with myself. And I'm here to tell you that it's simply not worth it. Hey, I didn't have a ton of money before I decided to pursue my dreams. But the truth is if you want something bad enough.... you'll find a way.... and I did.

    Once you decide to completely get rid of the "if only" mentality (because that's all it is, it's a way of thinking) then you can begin to take action immediately and put the old way of thinking to rest. Don't let those two words (if only) rule your life any longer! Completely remove them from your way of thinking, and you have just taken your first step to achieving your dreams.

    I hope this has offered some encouragement to someone.

    Chaz Tiogangco
  2. Hemjoe

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    great encouragement[​IMG]
  3. webcomsystems

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    Hi Chaz,

    I totally agree!

    The time is now! If people dont follow their dreams NOW then 40 years from NOW you could be sitting in a wheelchair thinking "Dam, now I cant do it even if I wanted!"

    You dont ever want to get to your death-bed and have regrets.
    You want to be on your death-bed MANY years from NOW and thinking "WOW, what a ride!!"

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  4. pcwork

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    What you say is very true, everyone has limitations, how you overcome them is important
  5. cherie27

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    Make use of whatever resources you have. Even if you fail, at least you have no regrets in the future.

    It is better than to daydream.
  6. Phil Stones

    Phil Stones New Member

    I agree Chaz - we need to say If Only - well I didn't - but I'm going to do it NoW RIGHT NOW - and take that first step!

    Thanks for the post!
  7. drknlvly6781

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    This post is great. This is where most analysis paralysis starts in newbies too. They think "If only I knew more..." or "If only there were a perfect system". The fact is, there isn't any! Any legitimate system you come across is just fine, you just have to find a fit for you and get out there and do it!

    As far as the people that think they would be better if they knew more; If you spend your time accumulating information, how will you ever make any money. All the information in the world is worthless if you never use it. At some point and time you have to get out there and try something if you ever expect to make money!!!

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