The Importance of Marketing In Networking Marketing

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by bigmoneyPRO, Jan 4, 2009.

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    So. You're all amped about being in your new network marketing business. Rockin! Maybe though, you've been in the network business for years. Pat yourself on the back for staying in the game. Regardless, what actions are you doing to place your network marketing business in front of your business builders or customers? Do you know what makes the ultra successful network marketers successful? Here's the answer: These networkers all have figured out how to MARKET network marketing on an ongoing basis like clockwork.

    Are you still using the worn out, "behind the times" tactics of calling on your warm market and meeting invites?

    Nothing necessarily wrong with that but the top networkers and waaay beyond that.... Most people don't have a background in marketing and aren't told much about how to market either from the network marketing company or their upline when they join.

    These network marketers are incredibly intelligent in terms of marketing. They know how to use battle-tested marketing tactics and make heavy use of marketing psychology. They've built a set of marketing skills which they use influence others into their networking businesses. This is the reason you are always hearing about these networkers and why they have large network marketing lists.

    These folks are sweeping the internet, branding themselves with Web 20 audio, video, etc. and all sorts of communication tactics I'll bet you're already following them on twitter and on a number of their lists. You listen to what they say. You buy what they recommend. Also, they're marketing themselves in the offline world.

    A lot of us just aren't given info on HOW to market like this. So what's the answer? We could ALL use convenient 24/7 access to a service that will teach you about iron-clad proven marketing principles for our network marketing business.

    So, about 2 months back, I was invited to a marketing program that has truly transform how I work my network marketing business. Brian Fanale sent me and invitation to join this new Mlmleadsystem Pro program, which forges business and marketing, skillset, mindset together with near real time coaching. I was skeptical, but then Brian Fanale just kept astonishing me with her intense passion to help others, marketing insight, and pure desire to share.

    This is just one situations that come along once in a great while and you realize it really is something special. I feel like I've been treated to an amazing opportunity to truly understand how to market my network marketing business (or any other for that matter) and now there is no limit to how far I (or you) can go with it. I suggest you see if it might be right for your networking business
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    Sometimes it is not the program that help you. It's your mentor that is willing to help out.
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    Trying to figure out if this is an ad or an attempt to help. It does sound worth investigating, however. It pays to look at every option and examine every opportunity to improve as a marketer and as a person. Thanks for the info.
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    be careful, if they ask for money upfront. I do however do what he is talking about. i give people information for free, lots of it and if they see value and see how profitable we are, they join me. its good business
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    Thanks for sharing your posts. I feel Network marketers who are serious about building a business should be reading and learning about business fundamentals, the latest sales and marketing techniques, strategies for networking and business development.

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