The Millionaire League??

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  1. Silverstone

    Silverstone New Member

    Hello, this is my first post here as I just signed up to this sight!

    Does anyone here have any experience with the millionaire league? I searched the forum before posting and found nothing... that could be a red flag, since you guys are not on it yet...

    Just wanted to query any opinions that might be here, as the cost to join is 47 bucks... here's the website:

  2. 040107

    040107 Member


    This isn't a review of The Millionaire League. It's just what I've
    learned so far about this course.

    I don't think The Millionaire League is a scam or anything. The
    website just provide information on various ways to make money
    online. It's just education, not a business opportunity.

    If you go to you and click the order
    button, you will be asked if you want and upgrade to a VIP
    membership for an extra $27. Basically, the upgrade will give you
    access to and additional 300 video tutorials.

    Here's what the regular membership contains:

    Affiliate Marketing Whiz
    Building A Brilliant Blog
    Cash In On Free Membership Sites
    Covert Income System
    Covert Income System Resource Pack
    Easy eBook Whiz
    eBay Profits Basics
    eBook Idea Starter Pack
    Email Marketing Whiz
    Explosive Sales Whiz
    EZ Ezine Marketing
    EZ Traffic
    Get Google Adsense Going
    Killer Website Whiz
    Leverage Your Email List
    License To Print Money
    Mastering Your Affiliate Program
    MySpace Cash Machine NEW!
    New Cash Niches
    Pay Per Click Basics
    PLR Profits Formula
    PLR Profits Formula (Audio)
    Profit From Free Reports
    Resell Rights Q&A
    Road To Resell Riches
    RSS Income Universe
    Selling Online Made Simple
    SEO For Starters
    Squeeze Page System
    The BIG 5
    Video Product Profits
    Viral Internet Profits
    Viral Marketing Whiz
    Writers Cash Block

    How2 find a creative, yet available domain name
    How2 find a good web hosting company
    How2 create a basic web site
    How2 upload your web site files using FTP
    How2 start making money with ClickBank part 1
    How2 start making money with ClickBank part 2
    How2 start making money with ClickBank part 3 & 4

    3 Money Making Review Sites


    It does look like there a lot of materials covered. I don't know how
    in-depth they are but at least there's a forum. However I don't
    know how active the forum is.

    The materials do seem like they're all original and not resell products
    you could find in other places. In other words, you're getting
    information directly from the person who owns The Millionaire

    Well, that's all I can dig up for now.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It looks like it is similar to other programs online where you pay an intitial fee for the information and education and then you can make affiliate commissions by marketing it to others...

    There is usually really good information with these programs... I found one that I liked and learned a lot from - it gave me the boost I needed with my main business.... It has an affiliate program linked to it but I never promoted it a whole lot as I am focused on building my main biz right now...
  4. rbwhiting

    rbwhiting New Member

    Yes it does sounds like some type of information site on different ways to make money. They are a lot of ways to make money and there are also people who have gathered a lot of this information and put it all together into e-books to sell. Not saying that it's scam or not, because you may or may not benefit from it.

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