The normal IPC program or the Instant cash IPC Program?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Jonathan25, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Jonathan25

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    By reading a lot on this forum, I have found some people who use BOTH of these programs. One pay you $200 and the other $60 per sale. However, which one of them did you find more powerfull during the first weeks? And in a long term?
  2. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    what are the program?
  3. helptowealth

    helptowealth New Member

    Hi. This is Kendall Johnson and I have had some amazing success with the IPC program and the IPC Instant Cash system. I started doing reviews about the Independent Profit Center on Youtube channel in 2008 to give people an inside look into the program. If you have not done any research about the IPC program or IPC instant cash I suggest you go look at what other people are saying about both programs. My only recommendation for people who are considering joining IPC Program is to contact someone who can answer your questions before you join. Most people will not have a clear understanding of what it really takes to be successful in IPC program. So I highly suggest searching for someone to help you along the way to reach your financial goal as a member of the IPC Program. There are a lot of great people in the IPC Program.
  4. Jonathan25

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    If I join any of those two programs (IPC or IPC Instant Cash) which one of them generally makes people more interested in? Because the IPC Instant Cash costs less to start so you get less profit each time you make a sale... is the IPC instant cash program as much profitable that the normal IPC program? You know these days, people are certainly less likely to invest $249 to get started :S

    I really have the IPC program as a main interested to start internet marketing, but I have 2 others programs that attract me as well. LGN Revolution is one of them. It seems like I am never enough ready to start any of those [​IMG] There is so much competition that you never know if some programs will last or not. Oh and that is one of my main concern:

    Some programs are really good, but I've read that some of them can fail in a long term. If I choose to start with a program, I will really want to succeed but ALSO to count on it for having incomes for 10-15 years... I would not like that a system fail in like 4-5 years and to find myself having trouble to look for another job. I'm taking some risks there. I have a diploma in industrial electronics with just one year of work experience and I had suddenly the idea to try internet marketing and to work full time in that. I want to try that because I'm so sure that there is A LOT of money to make with this. And I need money badly for my projects!

    Also, my main language is french, this is the language I speak EVERY day... I live in a french state (Quebec in Canada). As you can see I'm not that bad in writing english. I know that Youtube is very powerfull for attracting people in marketing. Do you think that I will attract less people if I show some sign of weakness when I speak? My dad has the same thinking but it is even worse for him. Im better in english that him...

    I'm quite very good in writing, I can actually think a bit before I write so its easy. However, I almost never speak it so its another story. I should go to the states for like 2-3 months so I could be better at speaking! :p
  5. Koncrete

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    I've been researching IPC and am very interested in starting, but have not found any recent posts about the company. Can anyone give me some insight as to the success or failure you've had using this program. I am a beginner to online type work so I'm looking for a program that I can learn and excel at. I've also been researching My Online Income System also. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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