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  1. dcummings

    dcummings New Member

    Has anyone tried this? His video makes it sound very convincing but it costs $59.95 a month for 5 months. Only costs $4.00 shipping, 30 day trial before first payment is due. Am hoping it's legit but need your imput.

    Thank you,
  2. FreeCashMan

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    I'm into postcard marketing for home business success, and I love it. My postcard marketing business is my primary business for making money from home. Combining offline marketing with online marketing is a great thing, and the best thing I ever did to boost my cash-flow. I'm sure our 5K to 10K plan can be of assistance in helping you achieve your home income goals.

    I looked into this postcard course, and know someone who has it, who shared it with me. He wasn't impressed by the video series, particularly the way the content was put together. Now that was him, and not to say that the info wasn't valuable. As apparently people are getting this course and getting involved. As I understand it, they really try and get you upgraded to a direct coaching course that cost a whole lot more. Based on the testimonials apparently this has worked out well for some.

    Just understand that getting the information and paying for the marketing with postcards are going to be separate things.

    While there are some great advantages to postcard marketing or direct mail marketing, I still tell everyone that you can't look to join any business and have instant success. Even if it happens or can happen, it is just not wise to approach it that way or one sets themselves up for failure.

    To succeed in a business opportunity one needs to make a commitment and be prepared to pursue for several months at a minimum to see its potential.
  3. dcummings

    dcummings New Member

    Thank you for your informative answer. I am also checking into the other postcare opp.

    Have a great day!
  4. country

    country New Member

    I also got an e-mail from "The Post Card Guy". Being the skeptical person that I am, I did a search for Post Card Profits on There was only one report listed with no rebuttal from the company.
    You might want to read that report before investing!

  5. pplrulz

    pplrulz Member

    I used direct mail for over 10 years for my direct sales biz. Direct mail works, but it can be costly as well.

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