The Power Of Value

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    The power of value...

    Value is something most of us overlook. We tend to look for an easier way out; a way that doesn't require us to build relationships, a way that doesn't allow people to find out who we truly are. We tend to want to live in fantasy world. A world where people just automatically follow us and believe in whatever we say.

    Well... Quite frankly, it doesn't quite work like that. We must face reality; no matter what methods we use for marketing, we will always have to deal with people. People are what build this country, people are what drive's this economy, and people are the ones with the money. So don't expect people to just go for the okie doke and believe whatever you're saying to be true even though it may be.

    You must create value, give people a reason to want to be your friend and work with you. This is a business of relationships, so without it you're done. Provide people with a helping hand; let them know that you're there; give them a sense of security, that no matter what, they're always able to go to you for advice without being patronized. Those types of relationships are what last forever.

    The more valuable you are; the more followers you will have. People naturally follow people with values. So before you know it, you'll have followers in the 1,000's or better yet, 10's of 1,000's. That is KEY to becoming successful in this industry or better yet, LIFE period. But, in order for you to be successful, the people around you must be successful as well. There is no way to build a strong team or community, with a low retention rate. Which is why, you must practice; preach, and use a system that can be duplicated. You want to be able to multiply yourself, and create a dynasty of leaders. And that my friend, is a force to be reckoned with.

    So, with that being said; keep connecting with people, build those relationships, and become a leader. Remember, this is a business of relationships; there are people out there who will follow you, join you, and give you their money, if you approach them right.





    All are KEY in becoming valuable.


    The question is...

    How valuable are YOU?

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    Value is in the eyes of the beholder. People in this economy want to make money and save money. Value is in the results. Giving others the options and the tools to have success and make money is the only thing valuable. Giving away free ebooks or stuff is a slow way to build a list. You got to get people excited about making big money because it can be done.

    And then once they are in you teach them about bulk emailing, voice broadcasting, using telemarketers and call centers to leverage your time, social media, offline marketing, etc.
    There are 1 millions ways to build a business, but value is in the bottom line. What can that person do for me to help me make the 6 figures everyone is looking for.

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