The Quickest Proven Method To Generate Cash Within 24 Hours

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by robinku, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. robinku

    robinku New Member

    Has there ever been a Program ... Tried, Tested and Proven, that can / could Generate Ca$h for anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of background, within 24 Hours ??

    If so could you provide some Stats and/or Testimonials.

  2. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Don't think such a program exists. If someone claims to know of one, I would suggest not touching it with a 10 ft pole.
  3. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    I bet they'd love to hear about such a program in the jungles of Burundi!
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Uhhh - what about getting a job, it can generate cash, regardless of background, within 24 hours.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    mountainmom5: Quote

    Uhhh - what about getting a job,

    LOL of course!!

    J O B - Jungles Of Burundi!
  6. Seth

    Seth New Member

    well i know one = ) ... FREEBIES [​IMG]
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    I don't think such a program exists.
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    TJamMoneyMan: J O B - Jungles Of Burundi!

    LOL - So where exactly IS this Burundi place??[​IMG]
  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Landlocked in Central Africa somedamnwhere!

    Now that I think of it.
    The idea of a 'guaranteed' income is quite metropolitan.

    There is no guarantee in the true production of material wealth.
    Agriculture - the prime source of income, is crop & market dependent.

    I guess the idea of a guaranteed income came about with the development of industry - secondary economy.
    That good old J-O-B!
    Even then, the captains of industry tried to get away with 'piecework' salaries.

    But when you are actually trying to CREATE wealth.
    Farm and sell.
    Manufacture and sell.
    There is simply no guarantee!

    Now that we are deep into the third realm of economic production - the service industry, we have the luxury and NERVE to expect a guaranteed return on our investment of time.
    (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

    Minimum wage or better.
    Competitive salaries...

    We here in the online business world, are obliged to set our sights a bit higher than guaranteed income, and corporate sponsored benefit plans, I believe.

    Otherwise, it's back to the J-O-B (Jungles Of Burundi)...!
  10. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    yeah, those make money in 24 hours things are pretty much a load of $hit.

  11. Bigrich

    Bigrich New Member

    I thought the Burundi's were on Star Trek?
  12. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Bigrich: I thought the Burundi's were on Star Trek?

    That could be true ALSO!

    But if they're on STAR TREK, I'd imagine they are earning pretty good Burundi-bux already!
  13. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Well, as for robinku: Has there ever been a Program ... Tried, Tested and Proven, that can / could Generate Ca$h for anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of background, within 24 Hours ??

    Take a look at - which is NOT a referral link!
    In fact, this plan does not involve doing any recruiting or selling AT ALL!
    You can DEFINITELY make money in 24 hours, but I won't guarantee that.

    You will need to lay out a little cash, but if you complete the required number of offers on their IFW's you WILL get paid within 24 hours after the offers are completed.
    A pre-specified, 'guaranteed' amount too!

    This is similar to but not, I repeat NOT, The Free Online Cash System (FOCS).
    (not that there's anything wrong with that - FOCS!)

    robinku: If so could you provide some Stats and/or Testimonials

    It worked for me.

    It worx for lots of folx.

    It'll work in Burundi!
  14. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    In all honesty, you can generate cash within 24 hours, but it requires you to put fourth some training and learning.

    For example, if you have just set up an affiliate website to promote a product you are selling, you can generate an extremely high level of traffic via PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and make sales on your first day. But knowing how to do something like this requires an extensive amount of knowledge and experience. However best thing to do is learn these things, and you can be in a position to make money at will.

  15. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    A little note also, making money in a rush/overnight will ultimately lead you to not be successful, try and organise and plan a method of making cash instead of rushing it, it will benefit you loads. [​IMG]
  16. judyp

    judyp New Member

    There's a difference between "generating cash" and "getting PAID." I kind of suspect you are wanting something where you can GET PAID in 24 hours. "Anywhere in the world" makes it harder, too. But in the U.S., I'd say there are GPT sites where you sign up for offers (even free, no credit card ones) and could "generate" $5 or maybe more and actually get paid in 24 hours depending on the site. Also people who pay you to go green on freebie sites, this is the kind where you have to use a credit card, you MIGHT get paid in 24 hours - or you might not. It's a gamble on how long it's going to take to get credit for the offers you do.

    Heck, I just found a GPT site yesterday where you sign up and they give you a 50 cent bonus. They pay in 24 hours by Paypal and there is no minimum - so technically you could sign up and immediately cash out that 50 cents. There you go, cash paid in 24 hours. [​IMG]
  17. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    judyp: It's a gamble on how long it's going to take to get credit for the offers you do.

    THAT is the truth!

    I was referring to IFW (Incentivised Free Websites).
    MANY offers don't credit when they say they will (instantly to several days)!
    Then, you have to wait as much as FIVE DAYS AFTER the offer was supposed to credit before you can ask the support team what happened.

    But by then, the offer probably never WILL credit, and you'll just have to do another offer! Sometimes the offer DOES credit, but only after you gave up on it and did another offer anyway, then you'll find you have more credits then you need, but that won't benefit you with that IFW.
    BUT that will work against you, because that now means there is one less offer you will be able to create on a different IFW.

    Those offers are quite finite in number, but they do rotate, so there's always hope of new offers becoming available eventually.

    On the plus side, I've found that offers that don't complete, will usually refund your money. Then too, you are usually talking about a $1 to $3 charge that, if it's not for shipping and handling, is usually just a test charge that will be reversed automatically anyway.
    I stick to offers costing about $20 TOTAL to qualify for a payout. Usually those offers that cost more than $4 each will refund your payment if you ask them.

    AND, with the and sites, you will get $60, $80, $120 or whatever the 'prize' (for completing a certain value's worth of offers), at the IFW site says, WITHOUT doing ANY referrals. Within 24 hours of completing your required number of offers.

    Now THAT is a 'guaranteed' amount of money in 24 hours!

    It has happened for me, but COMPLETING my very first offer sure took a lot longer than 24 hours! The PAYMENT though was 24 hours after THAT.

    BUT, if you have a wide open credit card, or two ($100 or more), a debit card, and a cell phone that can receive text messages, I see no reason you couldn't EASILY complete $120 worth of offers in one sitting, and get your $120 within 24 hours afterwards.
    You could then go on to complete ANOTHER set of offers for another similar payout, maybe even another(!).
    All in the same evening.

    There are a number of offers that are free, and some that require no credit card whatsoever. And not just SURVEYS either - some offers will credit for just APPLYING for an auto loan. Others for just getting a new car quote (creditworthiness a non-issue)!

    I've gotten the time it takes to complete the offers down from my first KILO-HOUR experience, though not to 'in one sitting'! But they WILL pay within 24 hours after completing your offers at those two sites I mentioned.

    Otherwise, it can be a maddening affair, completing IFW offers.
    But if you are a TOTAL CONSUMER, it should be a piece of cake!

    That's about the closest thing I have come to that matches your requirements RobinKu.

    AAANNNDDD, there's more to those sites then just getting 3 figures in 24 hours.
    There is a serious moneymaking part of the deal as well, for those who want to earn a regular and dependable ncome.

    I am only just now learning about this so,
    in the words of Homer Simpson, "that's all I know..."
  18. glitch00

    glitch00 New Member

    I must give judyp a big 10 for her post. Bravo. [​IMG] I totally agree with you. Yes, I have done a GPT site where I have reached the minimum payout in just 24 hours.

    This was an independant effort without any aid of referrals. In fact a referral system doesn't even exist.

    I did request the payment right after and received payment the following 2 days. That's the closest I've gotten. I can easily repeat it, but it's a tad tedious, but still fun.

    @ TJamMoneyMan

    You are the IFW guru for life, I will look up to you from this point forward. [​IMG] Big shout out to you homie.
  19. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    glitch00: @ TJamMoneyMan

    You are the IFW guru for life, I will look up to you from this point forward. Big shout out to you homie.

    awww, shucks!

    I was checking out your link.
    Free Online Cash System FOCS and Cash Flow Success System CFSS.

    Looks interesting. I'll be checking this out but, care to elaborate?

    Is it doing offers on IFW's?
    Does it require getting referrals?
    Is there help in getting referrals?

    Just learning myself, so pardon me if those are stupid questions!

    It looks like IFW's are the best way to go if you have little to NO funds (less than $20 to complete offers) and are trying to GENERATE/EARN upwards of 3 figures worth of cash, asap. Without having to sell to or recruit that most difficult, costly, yet VALUABLE of resources HUMAN BEANS!

    Let us know how this is working for you why don't you?
  20. glitch00

    glitch00 New Member

    Well in honor of the topic, the Free Online Cash System won't "generate cash within 24 hours", but it can within a week and it is anywhere in the world. Head back to that topic, don't wanna crash this topic because of my sig. [​IMG]

    I emailed you by the way.

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