The Referral Rebates are perpetual ?

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by lacarrye, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. lacarrye

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    Question: I've 6 new 6 members in ASD under my member number. Do I get 25 % of what? Their rebates for ever?, 25% of their first ad Package Purchase or what? Example, my sister joined under my member number and she bought $ 100 in ad packages, ok!, I'd get $ 25, then what happend ????????

  2. iggyigette

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  3. lacarrye

    lacarrye New Member

    Thanks!, But I can't see if the referral rebates are for ever or their first ad purchase. My question is, if I've 5 people which I sponsored, I'd get a % of all their rebates ALL of the time or just on their first ad purchase?.

    Thanks again, Javier
  4. westfam11

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    When the site comes back up read you FAQ's. The answer is there. The site is down or I would copy and paste it for you.

    The 25% is just for the promotion. There are other commissions you receive depending on what level you are at on a monthly basis. It is on the FAQ's.

    Becky West
  5. iggyigette

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    Javier, if they are purchasing or Upgrading over $500, you get a 25% Ad Package Bonus EACH AND EVERY TIME your first level downline purchases a minimum of $500 - as long as the Promotion is in effect.
  6. Caterina

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    Javier, I asked the same queston not long ago....

    Anytime one of your referrals makes a purchase, you'll get whatever percentage you're entitled to get - ASD will add it to your cash balance. In addition, if they happen to buy when a promotion's going on (the current one is a 25% match if you purchase $500 or more), and they're your first level referral, you'll also get the same match.

    It's perpetual. EVERY time they buy, you get whatever percentage you're entitled to. The cash will be put into your cash balance; and if they get matching ad packs, so will you, if they're your first level.

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