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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by getagrip, Oct 29, 2006.

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    The Rip Off Report can be a great way to spot scams. However, if you use the Rip Off Report often, I would encourage you to use discernement before you label a company as a Rip Off.

    Here's why:

    Recently, I did a search on the Rip Off Report to find out if a popular weight loss ebook I had been promoting had any complaints. Unfortunately, the ebook did have one complaint...but this guy hadn't even read the ebook - he just thought it was a ripoff because of the sales copy and his suspicions!

    Its one thing to label something as a ripoff if you have tried the product and have honestly been let down. Its also valid to label something a ripoff if you have read enough testimonials from people who have made a purchase of a product - and discovered it was a scam after they made their purchase.

    However, if you haven't personally had a bad experiences with a product - or haven't read any negative accounts of a product, please don't call that product a ripoff based on your "suspisions" or "hunches". This can easily lead to a lawsuit against you for slander - so please do not do this.

    I'm a BIG supporter of reporting scams, but I hate when I hear people calling something that is totally legitimate a scam, without examining the product or seeing what others have to say about it.

    Having said all of this, if you SUSPECT somethng is a scam, and want to know whether or not if your suspicions are correct before you make a purchase decision, please visit This can be a great place to go to find out if something you intend to invest money in is a scam.

    If there is anything that I want people to get from this, it is the concept of "innocence until proven guilty" - or at least "innoncence until enough people say someone is guilty".......

    One last thing I will say is that sometimes, VERY GOOD companies will appear on the Rip Off Report. There are probably only a handful of companies out there which have NEVER had a consumer complaint - so don't AUTOMATICALLY assume that if a company lands on the Rip Off Report, that is is a bad company.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. cherie27

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    Who consolidate the report?
    The consumer or some government agencies??
  3. larslarson123

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    I totally agree man, it's crazy how many programs are labeled as scams that have actually made me money with a surprisingly low amount of effort.

    In fact, every system/action plan that I have followed and enjoyed minor success from has been called a scam all over the web.

    Honestly, most people are generally lazy and especially people that perhaps can't make it in 'the real world' and turn to the internet thinking it's free money.

    I did come across an interesting company though which is a perfect example of misleading hooks, but it still surprisingly follows up with legit info.

    My Data Team advertises itself as 'Data Entry.' The sales page is all about paid data entry, and basically literally says you can enter in a few lines of text and you're guaranteed money. In reality these data entry forms come in the form of classified ads and similar affiliate promotion techniques.

    It really does come through with a huge amount of great info and links that could really help a newbie, but it's crazy to me that they have to turn it into almost a scam by not telling you at all what it is up front. The worst part is it can't stop saying how it is not a scam, and listing all the certifications or whatever.

    I think they would enjoy a lot more success if they just tell people what they're getting instead of hiding it until you pay.
  4. snowboardaholic

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    I agree, there have been several programs that I did research on that were labeled as scams, but i have had some success with them. I think people are just afraid, they scream scam at every single thing out there without even really checking into it themselves

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