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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by justlikethat, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I've just started marketing on-line, I'm a stay at home mom trying to make some extra income to help pay the bills. I have tried writing article, classifieds, I have a site at wordpress, blogger and squidoo. I'm looking for any tips and tricks that you've learned along the way to help the search for atlantis(the city of gold) go a little smoother. I would like to say that I could pan out some money to help make some money but I can't.....I'm on the free wagon.

    Have you had success doing things this way? A little success story would help let me know I'm not crazy for trying to make money on-line!!!

  2. fatman

    fatman New Member

    Hi there. That is a pretty broad request, so I can't really offer much advice. But I can do the second part and share a success story to encourage you. [​IMG] I too am pretty new to IM (less than two months) and am trying to figure everything out still.

    My success has been pretty sporadic so sale one week, no sales next week, 5 sales next week, then none...etc. Anyway, I am sticking to free methods too (articles and landing pages for affiliate marketing). After two weeks I made my first sale....then about the 5th week I made $250.

    I haven't been able to make that much since then, but I'm working hard so hopefully it will all work out. Effort is the key to success, so if you try hard I'm sure you'll do fine. You aren't crazy for trying to make money online, and I'm sure you will find your way to Atlantis eventually. [​IMG] Good luck!
  3. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Thanks fatman. I've only been at it for about a week and was starting to get discouraged becasue I havent had a sale......yet.

    What do you mean by landing site?? do you mean directing someone to a site to buy something? I'm still grasping all the terms.
  4. fatman

    fatman New Member

    If you've only been at this for a week, then don't get discouraged. If you already have a wordpress, a blogger, and a squidoo site in less than a week, you are already on your way to success. [​IMG] When I say landing page I am referring to a site that has affiliate links on it and is meant to "pre-sell." Here is a basic list of the steps I take:

    1. Find a niche and then some products related to it. Then do keyword research and find as many as you can find that have low competition and lots of daily searches.

    2. Make a landing page. I mostly use Squidoo and Weebly, but other choices would work too. Put some quality information on the landing page that will actually help your visitors. Have your affiliate links in there, and subtly try to get them to go to your products.

    3. Write articles that link to your landing page. Use your keywords and write optimized articles (use the keyword in the title, body, and bio box).

    That's pretty basic, but if you need more help you can ask any questions on the forum. And again, I'm pretty new at this too, but if you ever want to ask me anything feel free to send a PM. Good luck with everything!
  5. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Fatman did a great breakdown of article marketing basics. It really is that simple.

    What are you "marketing" right now JustLikeThat?

    There are many different strategies for marketing depending on what it is you're doing. The easiest and most effective IMHO is article marketing, when done right. And is 100% free (only costing time)
  6. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    I've done some searches on clickbank and patdotcom to find some products to write about. I've only done ones that I think are actually worth the money though. What do you mean my niche? As in a certain area of product sales?

    Thanks for all the help by the way, I really appreciate it![​IMG]
  7. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    I forgot to ask whats the best sites to submit your articles too? I've only submitted to ezine articles.

    Thanks again
  8. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    A niche market is a specialized market. Let say for instance you wanted to market an item ideally you want to find an item with a core demographic and market to that demographic. Take dogs for instance. Rather than creating a site about "dogs" a very broad term and then filling that website with ads for dog training books, leashes, & dog food, a niche market is where you would focus on a specialized area. Say dog training books and then focus on that market. One of the reasons people market to niche markets is that the traffic you can generate is a little more focused and tends to consist of "buyers" and not browsers.

    Using the same example lets say Bob loves dogs and come across your dog site. Chances are that Bob is just there because he loves dogs.
    Now let's say you have a site devoted to training books for pit-bull.
    When someone types into a search engine, "how to train a pit-bulls" odds are they are actually looking for information on how to train pit-bulls vs. just browsing around.
    This is where article marketing comes in handy. Through SEO (search engine optimization) you can make sure that when someone types in "How to train a pit-bull" they are going to find your site.

    As a matter of fact if you search for "how to train a pit-bull you'll see in the top 5 an article someone wrote...this could be you with a link to your website promoting either dog training books or pit-bull training books...and your competition would consist of someone who spelled vicious as "vishes" [​IMG]
  9. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Making money online takes time, you have to be patient.
  10. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    I have found a very good online marketing company that gives you up to 26 capture pages with autoresponders for under $40.00 a month. The capture pages are customizable, both copy and meta tags. they have static templates, picture and video templates as well. They are set up to track results so you can try different ones with different campaigns, say one for your blog, one for your articles, another for forums and the like.

    Plus, they will even sell you very targeted traffic at a reasonable price and their opt in rate is good, better than 10%. I'm not an affiliate, I wont make a dime if you decide to use them. I do use their service, you can see one of the capture pages in my signature file, but I don't make anything for referring business to them. I refer people to them because they are very good at what they do.

    Go to Big Cash Creator, LLC and check them out. They are super nice guys, and they will help you, even if you are a complete novice, they will work with you to get it up and running.
  11. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Thank-you all for your help! I'm trying to stay focused and not get too frustrated. It can be hard at times!!!!
  12. dotcomsecretsuk

    dotcomsecretsuk New Member

    If you've got a wordpress blog then you may or may not be aware of the power of wigdets as yet[​IMG]

    They are add on's to your blog that you can enable/disable as you desire. As some of the guys have pointed out it is all a question of community and how you can start to build one at your blog's.

    Try driving traffic from existing sources of traffic for example, facebook, myspace, twitter etc.

    This is easier than you might think. Just got to get in there and test the water.
  13. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    I have been working on my wordpress blog, I have played with the widgets yet....I'll take a look at your site site dotcomsecrets for tips aswell as a few others.

    Oh What is twitter by the way?

  14. dotcomsecretsuk

    dotcomsecretsuk New Member

    Twitter is similar to Facebook you can invite friends and follow others.

    What the plugin to the wordpress blog does is it makes a post at twitter letting your followers know you've made a blog post.

    Therefore they don't have to be subscribed to your email list to be notified of your post also you save time by not having to log in to your autoresponder account and email your list.
  15. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Oh I get it!
    Thanks for all the tips!
  16. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Just thought of something.....what if you don't know anyone who uses twitter??

    Can you make friends on it, is like a facebook setup??
    I guess I should go check it out!

    Thaks again!
  17. dotcomsecretsuk

    dotcomsecretsuk New Member

    Yes similar to facebook[​IMG]

    Find some people with common interests, I see you like gardening. Talk about that people find it much easier to deal with people that have things in common.

    If you do use twitter eventually, then look me up username kennyritchie and follow me. I'll follow back and give you comment on what you are doing online if you wish.
  18. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Thanks dotcom.....I signed up with twitter but havent done anything with it it, I'm still kind of confused about it! So many things going through brain right now with a new business and everything...sometimes I find it hard to remember what day it is!!! LOL,
    thanks for the advice!
  19. dotcomsecretsuk

    dotcomsecretsuk New Member

    Maybe you need a few days out of the forums just to take stock of where you are.

    The brains a fragile piece of equipment after all and won't let you flood it with too much info, It will just stop processing it as well as you'd like.
  20. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Took your adive and took a bit of a break! Seems to be helping, I can stay focused longer.

    Still putting away at things...thank goodness for forums though, the support people probably think I'm a tool!!!LOL....makes me laugh though, I'm learning though which is the whole point.

    Has anyone had any success with traffic exchanges?

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