The *Top Secret* Video Marketing Formula

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    This *TOP SECRET* Formula has been shared with only a small handful of people the way I am going to share it here.

    But first you need to watch this so that you will understand the power of THE EMERGING TRENDS

    [Link removed - Admin]

    Yeah, mind blowing isn't it?

    This internet marketing technology is going to create explosions in two areas:

    1. Videos - the size of the browser and just the "coolness" of watching videos in your phone is going to rival the "coolness" of getting emails 15+ years ago. Just ask the guys that were doing this then...most of them are sipping margarita's in Cancun with millions in the bank.

    2. Text marketing. It's already blowing up. Smart internet marketers are not only getting emails and names...they are getting cell numbers too. Again, this is BIG.
    I know, I say "I hate getting text messages from marketers". Yeah, but you will play the game. Smart marketers are already making it irresistible to

    So I want to focus in on #1. Video Marketing.

    Lot's of people are trying it right now. Most are way off course.


    This is an old marketing formula that people typically applied to their websites. But it really resonates with video marketing also.

    A = Attention: You have less than 10 seconds to do this. And there are really 2 parts to getting someone's attention. The first part is why will someone even open your video? I call this the "Video X Factor". The Video X Factor consists of the title of the video, the thumbnail of the video and the description and tags you use. If you are nailing this, your video is going to get opened. BUT GETTING OPENED DOES NOT MEAN THAT SOMEONE WILL HEAR YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE. So part 2 of "Attention" is making sure that you say something that makes them want to stay. The clock is ticking.

    I = Interest: Once you have their attention, you have got to keep them on your video so that your marketing message is heard. This is an art and will take me too much time to explain here. But once you understand it, videos will make you money...PERIOD.

    D = Desire: They have to want what you have got. If you are in MLM or you are doing some biz opp marketing, then the tendency is to tell them how great your stuff is. That will NEVER work.

    A = Action: You must know what your desired outcome from a viewer is and you must be able to get them to a point where ACTION is the natural next step.

    Again, this Video Marketing Formula can make your videos POTENT.

    If you want, I will share with you how to get your videos to the top of Google, Youtube, Yahoo, etc..
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    I learned this formula a couple months ago and my content has really been improved and more effective. I will also add that this formula can be taken and used beyond just videos. You can use this in just about any content that you put out whether it be blogging or article writing, in forum or group posts. Also the way to get someone to desire what you are talking about is to show them the value in what you are saying or have to offer. The more value you can put into your content the better it will be.

    Also even beyond this formula it is important to learn about seo. You can have the greatest content out there, but if nobody sees it then it won't be effective at all.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    The same formula i'm working on, yes.
  4. computerincome

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    Danny mate you just opened a can of worms in my head. Thanks
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    Hi web20mentor,

    Can you put the link in your signature?

    I am interested to learn.
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    Video Marketing is SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    Go back to the basics of what makes marketing successful. Aim to accomplish these basics in 30-90 seconds in your video.

    If you are recording yourself...besure to use your hands while talking. Not too much to distract your viewer, but enough to keep them in the game. Also, use your voice to keep their attention also.

    When video marketing is done right, it can yield a truck load of targeted traffic to your site almost overnight!

    trust this helps![​IMG]
  7. Kurt Henninger

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    Video marketing is huge. Over 45% of all internet traffic is video right now. Its really one of the most cost effective ways to generate a lot of traffic.

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