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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by aandrews, May 5, 2009.

  1. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Looking for pro's and con's of joining The Trump Network? Will you help the rich get richer or will The Trump Network help you to become rich through network marketing? This is a Trump Network review.

    Donald Trump has entered the network marketing Industry. He wants you to "discover the difference between opportunity and success".

    He also states, "The Trump Network is a unique marketing opportunity to help diversify your income and to encourage you to make as much money as you desire. The Trump Network will be a big success story in America, and those who recognize the opportunity early will thrive."

    What are the costs involved in joining The Trump Network?

    The membership charge is $30.00. The Business Starter Kit is $260.00. The Priva Test and Analysis is $99.95 and Custom Essentials is $55.95. So the total price to join is $445.90

    The autoship prices are not given yet, however, the Comp Plan examples are based on $300.00 of monthly product purchases or customer purchases. At this monthly volume, you can earn $57,600. per month with 1440 "marketers" in your downline.

    For the small time marketer, you can earn $15,400. with 360 "marketers" in your downline, again, with $300. per person in sales volume.

    What are some pro's and con's of The Trump Network?

    Instant name recognition. Donald Trump is Rich and Famous.
    Financial Backing. The Company won't be short funded.
    Branding. The Company "image" is first class.
    Large Market Products. 114 Billion dollar Market.
    Potential TV Advertising

    Not everybody likes Donald Trump.
    Products are in very competitive market.
    Customized vitamins already being done.
    Diets and energy Drinks Dime a Dozen.
    Long wait until October launch.
    Unknowns about products.
    Unknowns about Comp Plan.

    What are your thoughts? Will The Trump Network be the next Billion Dollar Company and will it do it faster than anybody else?

    Does Donald Trump entering the network marketing Industry add credibility to it?

    There currently is no website, just a registration portal at


    I think it a waste of time
  3. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this one. I'm sure there will be a lot of people jumping in just on the trump name alone. Some people love him and some hate him. The name alone won't do it so they still ahve to have a solid product line.


    Funny story,

    Years ago I had Marla Maples in my downline when she was married to Trump, so he has been aware of MLM Network Marketing for years, so I had asked Marla if he had ever considered it, and she laughed, so I wonder if she is laughing now, I know I am. LOL

    Ideal Health is a solid nutritional company, so from that standpoint, it will explode business with Trump involved, just look at the numbers he did for ACN when it was highlighted on his Apprentice show, which by the way had huge ratings this season. No doubt this fall he will have Ideal Health Trump Network highlighted on show, so watch what happens then.

    Bottom line, the only people which will be laughing are the ones who get a $30. position and spread the word now. No one knows just how big this could be, but with Ideal Health only having just over 10K distributors in 10 years, I suspect they will hit that number again and again every month as the word gets out.

    Love him or hate him, his name carries weight when it comes to any endorsements, just look at his Trump University turn out which sold out, so when Trump speaks, people listen, so indeed, this is going to be an interesting next few months before official launch of Trump Network. Products are top quality and with unique custom nutritional plans, I think this is going to be huge, and what I heard about new product launch at same time, this is a double barrel shotgun wedding of an opportunity. LOL

    Success to all,
  5. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Thanks for the comments.

    It can be difficult in this Industry to wait 4-5 months before something launches and then maybe it doesn't. A lot of work for no income coming in.

    For those who are willing to work for nothing until then, it may be very rewarding when it happens, it may not. I would be very sure of the Comp Plan before even considering this.

    Does anyone know what kind of Comp Plan the Trump Network will have?


    aandrews: Does anyone know what kind of Comp Plan the Trump Network will have?
    Good question,

    What many don't know is that Ideal Health is the company Trump has chosen to partner with, and they are well established 10 your plus old company, so technically, the only thing we are awaiting is official announcement of the Trump Network.

    As to comp. plans, a very important aspect indeed, it is a very fair unilevel with compression, so for those who are sick of the matrix and binary hype, this should be of interest. I feel the days of hype and hoopla in MLM based on comp. plans is about over for most have already failed at those plans which promoted the spillover fairy was going to bless all who got in now. lol

    Success to all,
  7. lilmama0500

    lilmama0500 New Member

    I dint know, it Sounds like a whole lot of money to spend with no assurance that youll get your investment back, much less all the money the site promises. Id say if you got it to burn, then try it out and let us know how it went for you. I prefer investing in smaller businesses, cuz if they fail, Im not loosing too much money, Finding successful and legitimate home businesses out there is hard as heck, hopefully I finally manage to find a good one soon. Good luck to all, and happy hunting!!!!!!
  8. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Good point Wendy.

    It's not just how much it may cost to join, it's how much you have to pay monthly. On the one hand, if it's very low like $10.00 a month, it takes an enormous downline to make any money.

    On the other hand, if it's too expensive for a monthly autoship, most people on average only last two to three months.

    So what is the lowest and highest monthly TTN autoships?

    As far as Comp Plans go, it almost doesn't matter what kind it is. What matters, is it fair and balanced. So, as far as the Trump Network Comp Plan:

    What is the pay out percentage up to?
    What does it pay out on average?
    What and how many Fast Start Bonuses are there?
    Are there matching bonuses? Infinity bonuses? Are they blocked eventually?
    How many members must you bring in to qualify for commissions on all levels?
    What are the inilevel payout percentages?
    How many levels are there?
    How many rank positions are there?
    What are the group volume requirements for each rank?
    what is the monthly autoship requirement and does it change with rank?
    Is there a difference between the Ideal Health and The Trump Network Comp Plans?
    Will The Trump Network have a guaranteed income program?
    Do you get penalized for not performing in any given month?
    Is there much flushing of volume?
    Does one pv (point value) or whatever they call it equal to one dollar?

    The answers should help determine the answer to my question about a balanced Comp Plan.




    I guess everyone has a different take on what a lot of money is, and with $5.00 deals, $7.00 and $11.00 hot numbers lately, I guess $30. for Trump Network is a few steps up from the lowest cost businesses we see popping up due to recession. Getting positioned and watching this develop is worth $30.00 to most, but not everyone.

    Success to all,
  10. aandrews

    aandrews Member


    I thought you were the one who had the answers to the Comp Plan.

    Thanks anyway.


    Comp plans are general classified as matrix, binary or unilevel, then there are all sorts of bonuses, so rather than post it all here, this is a brief overview as there are enhancements coming, so I don't know what it will be by time Trump Network launches.

    The Trump Network / Ideal Health Compensation Plan: For "Platinum" qualification and above: the comp plan pays 7% (7,7,7,7,5,3) up to 6 levels in a Unilevel with compression (with up to a combined 23% more in Platinum and Platinum Maximizer bonuses). For people below the Platinum level (5000 CGV + 3 Silvers) the plan only pays up to 4% (4,3,2,1) up to 4 levels in depth. Two bonus pools for Diamond and Executive Diamonds. New addition: (5/2009) weekly Fast Start Bonus.

    To learn more if interested, here is chart which is good for visual people as comp. plans are never easy to explain. lol G=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=

    Success to all,
  12. thenewguy

    thenewguy New Member

    WARRANTIES4LESS: The Trump Network / Ideal Health Compensation Plan: For "Platinum" qualification and above: the comp plan pays 7% (7,7,7,7,5,3) up to 6 levels in a Unilevel with compression (with up to a combined 23% more in Platinum and Platinum Maximizer bonuses). For people below the Platinum level (5000 CGV + 3 Silvers) the plan only pays up to 4% (4,3,2,1) up to 4 levels in depth. Two bonus pools for Diamond and Executive Diamonds. New addition: (5/2009) weekly Fast Start Bonus.
    i see this part quoted everywhere. you said absolutely nothing here. am i wrong?
    it assumes people know what Platinum, CGV, Silvers, Diamond and Executive mean. the only reason you put this here is because you really have no idea what the compensation plan is, and even if this did mean something to some people, what about all the new people who are trying to get information in order to make a more informed decision.

    everyone is jumping and talking about trump network trying to sound smart or already recruit people and yet no one has any clue what product prices are, what is the actual minimum monthly requirement is and definitely what the comp plan is.

    so stop trying to get traffic or whatnot and come back and post when you know something.

    sorry for the rant, this is not towards the people here that are asking the good questions but this is not the first forum or page i see the same stuff, or lack of it actually.
  13. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    Here is the thing about Trump that worries me... the Trump brand is heavy on "style" and light on substance.

    In my experience products with the Trump name on them are low on quality & high on price. I think this is because all the production is outsourced.

    It is my understanding that of all the products with the Trump name he owns none of the production facilities. This makes sense because the cash outlay is minimal so his risk is minimal and the upside is big. The company doesn't really own anything other than a recipe.

    The risk really falls on the distributers. If the company fails the only real losers are the distributers.

    I could be wrong on this company, but these are the types of things I look at when evaluating companies.

    If the company sells a product and the owner has spent $10+ million on a factory there is a much greater urgency for the business to succeed than a company that has no investment in infrastructure.
  14. No_BS

    No_BS New Member

    I had the pleasure of attending their "seminar"...

    the guy who says he's the head of the CAL-TRUMP network, which is the division of the california trump network lead the so-called seminar. It was full of jokes here and there, no real questions were answered. He said bunch of BS that would sound smart and witty, while most of the audience is wondering what the heck that means, but afraid to ask, to appear ignorant.

    Funny, it seemed like he was speaking straight out of a speech card. I was not impressed, nothing was clearly sated, only thing that was clear, was DONALD J TRUMP is the wealthiest man, and he has his name on this.

    The guy "Chris" in charge of this gig, claims there is a break through with a DNA process. --- what the Heck does that mean??? he's not even using it properly.

    for those who know what the DNA structure is like, it is a double stranded helical nucleic acid molecule. only small part of the DNA structure that has been copied through the help of RNA ribose and DNA ligase, which break catalyzes the enzymes can copy the information of a certain CELL. not all the CELLS function the same, and that goes for the people as well

    the concept of "TAILOR" fitting these vitamins just by a kit, does not make sense. This is not STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION with a handy device that tells you what's wrong with you, just by pointing and clicking on it.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: DJT decided, quick start and other multi level, or shall I say, PYRAMID SCHEMES are making the TOP hot shots, money, why not? people that don't understand the whole biochemical break down of it, won't understand it, this will be great!

    DJT, is out to make money for himself... no doubt, this is no better than QUICK START or any other pyramid schemes...

    if you have NO problem ruining relationships with your close ones, or USING them to make money, maybe this is the way for you. But if you have the conscience.. stay away.

    This is designed to make the people under this pyramid think, you're actually going into business with TRUMP- BS!
    the top honchos are thinking, we can TRICK these middled aged, or young, or older folks into thinking this is a GREAT opportunity, while they do all the leg work, let's just sit here and look pretty and get RICH quickly, so we can show of how they can be like us.

    TRUE: you can make money on these things, but you have to remember how the process works... you are basically, making the people you know dish out money and harassing them to pay monthly dues for something that they may not need so that you can have an "INCOME".

    good luck! [​IMG]
  15. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Good points, Bob - his name is on the product, but whether or not he created it is the big question.
  16. getcooking

    getcooking New Member

    All of your comments bring up valid points and concerns. I started in his business at the end of May.... just to see what would happen from the inside. The company made a lot of changes in August.... for the better. I can't say I was crazy about their Fast Start prior to this! I have a team of about 40 now, it is interesting to note that a majority of my team does not have any MLM background. I do know many people have been like a fish flopping around on the dock when it comes to answering a direct question. The product line is more complicated than other companies I have represented. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for his opportunity. I appreciate your insight.
  17. mwhisel

    mwhisel New Member

    I can understand the concerns that many people have. I joined this company because I believe it has the potential to be HUGE. This company is still in pre-launch mode and product line WILL be expanding. There are exciting products still in development. The current products are high quality. Weight loss program is definite winner. I am currently on this weight loss plan and am consistently losing weight without being hungry (and most of the food tastes great!)

    In the time since this topic was started, there has been a lot of clarification of the mission, direction, products, compensation plan. For those that understand compensation plans, this one is a unilevel compensation plan with dynamic compression and breakage paid to the field. For those that don't understand what that means --with dynamic compression, you'll earn more as inactive marketers are "compressed" to create each unilevel. With the breakage in the compensation plan, any commissions that are left on the table by marketers who are not fully qualified yet to receive the highest level of commission, are paid out to qualified upline marketers -- as opposed to the company keeping that money as profit. There is also an impressive 7-level bonus plan that pays out $225 every time a Fast Start Way Marketer joins the business.

    Here is a link to the current compensation plan:

    This info is publicly available. Do some research. Contact me if I can help you answer any questions. Do your due diligence. In my humble opinion, if you align yourself with the right team and DO THE WORK, this is a great opportunity for those that can see the vision.
  18. chuckf2000

    chuckf2000 New Member

    This company is going to explode. It's the next Amway only you're getting an opportunity to join it at the ground floor AND with a name like Donald Trump to head it up.
  19. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Just out of curiosity, who can tell me which "big name" personality has tried to start a Network Marketing company in the past?

    Also, who can tell our members how much it costs to join the Trump Network and what is the monthly outlay of cash is to have the most productive position in the Company?

    Since the launch date is set for Friday, November 13th (hope you're not superstitious) who plans on going to Florida and how many people have joined TTN so far?



    As expected, many changes have happened since first information was released, but until it is officially open, who knows how many more changes will happen.

    Success to all,

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