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    The hiring process for the VIP desk is confusing and inconsitent. Each opportunity requires an eight step screening process before training begins. VIP will hire before completing the background checks and credit screens. However if you miss any step in the screening process for one opportunity they will fire you from the entire company.

    I was in the screening process for two different jobs with VIP desk one was partially complete, waiting for background checks and the other waiting for my confirmation. I missed the confirmation deadline by 48 hours and the VIP desk erased my entire application for other opportunities.

    I am with West At Home and having no problems so far. West At Home is probably one of the easiest companies to start with, because they pay for the training and no set shifts or weekends requirements. Never had one problem getting through the background and credit check documents.

    The VIP desk was a waste of time, because I committed to begin training in July and I turned down other offers to set aside time to train for VIP desk. The background screen form they emailed had system errors, so I had to resend the information. I passed all the screens and then another company requested that I fax another background form. Since the third background request did not come from the VIP desk, I contacted VIP to verify the email. The HR person told me the company did not send me the correct background form for my state, so I had to complete another one.

    Now it took from Feb to May to discover they sent the wrong form for the background checks? What really happened is they approved the background and credit check using the information I sent via email and then discovered they sent me the wrong application form. When I discovered the mishap, they said "Oops, I can't hire her." Apparently they broke the law doing a background screen on me without a signed consent form.

    Glad to miss this job, because when something starts out shaky it is not going to get any better. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] You should be glad you missed this job! They are getting increasingly bad reviews from those who have had bad experiences with them.. me included. Its good thing I had two jobs when they fired me on my first day of post-certification work. GET OVER YOURSELVES VIPDESK! [​IMG]

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