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    This isn't a work at home opportunity in and of itself, but it lists 6 programs and gives a brief outline of each of them. It also lists sites for each program that (it claims) the staff has reviewed to ensure their legitamacy. What do you guys make of the site, and would you say the information is correct? I'm just getting into the whole work from home thing and I'm still trying to get a grasp on what programs work (not just websites but actual system themselves such as surveys vs adwords) and just wondering how accurate this site is with its depiction of each.

    Thanks much!
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    Well...I wouldn't worry about this website promoting scams - BUT I'm not convinced they have "really" reviewed all the programs that they claim to have reviewed.

    For example, Google Cash is their top rated ebook for Adwords. Google Cash is a legitimate program, BUT it is also very outdated. I read Google Cash about 9 months ago - maybe a little less - and its DEFINATELY not a "top rated" Adwords ebook. In fact, Google Adwords 1-2-3, Beating Adwords, and Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide ALL blow it out of the water!

    Another example is Survey Scout, as the number 2 survey site. Just visit and type in Survey Scout, and you'll see all of the complaints it gets! Maybe they mean number 2 in complaints...

    Basically, this guy's "stellar" recommendations of these products give him ZERO credibility...this doesn't mean he's promoting scams - but he probably hasn't reviewed any of them either.

    One more thing: many websites like this are run by individuals who claim to have an entire staff, when in reality, they are one man operations! Could this guy have a staff and is it possible that he and his "staff" reviewed all of the products he has listed? Sure, its possible, but not probable...and his review of Google Cash is just one of MANY indicators on his website which points to the fact that he probably isn't the professional he wants you to beleive he is. Unfortunately, honesty in internet marketing is hard to come by...
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    This whole "review site" is a hilarious and disturbing fad. These sites promote some of the most hypey type automated programs, many of them, and the tell people good solid MLM and direct sales companies aren't good opportunities.

    People must be falling for it. These guys keep pumping money into adwords like they are raking it in. One guy recruits for automatic builder, but the claim that "we reviewed every program out there and found only three that are worth your time" is facetious and self-serving.

    I think most people are too wise to fall for this kind of recruiting. At least I hope so.

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