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  1. tmorrison

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    Has anyone heard of the rapidly growing Worldwide Loan Club?

    Consider generating a self-liquidating loan that disburses funds to you on a monthly basis and is tax free. Worldwide Loan Club does just that and is global.

    It is so important to see these loans helping, changing lives and that it is easy to get approved. At the World Wide Loan Club I have found that it is both very useful to have money month after month and helpful to get a business launched off the ground.

    People all over the world are getting their loans fast... month after month..

    Let me know your thoughts..

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  2. teamer

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    smells like an illegal ponzi
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    ASD with a different flavor??[​IMG]
  4. westfam11

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    I am not involved in this but I did check it out a couple of weeks ago. It has nothing to do with surfing websites.

  5. tmorrison

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    Your right...It has nothing to do with surfing...It is growing by the thousands per week.

    It's a money club that provides loans to its members on a monthly basis. The loan is always way larger than your monthly payment which generates positive cash flow. Because this money is a loan and not income, it is tax free. Monthly payments are paid with each and every disbursement so NO new money comes out the members pocket... WLC seems to have become an excellent opportunity for the passive type marketer as it does not act or assume to act as an MLM. Members are not building a downline and their success is not dependant upon what other people do. You can study the loan and repayment schedule in the "Progression Chart"...

    I like the simple formula..

    Loan ??“ Payment = Monthly Cash Flow

  6. tmorrison

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    Worldwide Loan Club | WWLC
    How it works...

    WWLC is a means for the average person to earn a very much needed online income and it's working quite nicely. The lives of many ordinary people have already been changed by this opportunity.

    You simply pay a one time $100 processing fee and then refer two others to qualify for the loan. At that point, you receive $50. Then the next month $100 and it doubles every month up to $1600. After that, you get an additional 5% increase in your loan every month.

    To continue receiving these loans every month, you simply make a small preset payment back to them within 30 days. This payment is not due until after you receive the loan. Every time the payment is received within 30 days, you continue to receive your loans. Every month you receive a new loan and it is paid off in 24 months. This goes on forever or until WWLC ends the program.

    The benefit to this is once you have reached the sixth month, you have made approximately $2900 - PLUS, you are generating an additional $1460 or more per month in positive cash flow and it never goes below this amount from this point forward. You can have an unlimited number of loan positions so long as you refer two people to qualify each position. If you have five loan positions that are all qualified, you will have received approximately $14,500 (in the first six months) and you will be receiving a total of about $7500 or so per month after the first six months. That number will steadily be increasing every month thereafter.

    If you ever quit paying them, there is no collection procedure. (WWLC does not even have your SS# or address). In the event there is a death of an applicant, Worlwide Loan Club has private insurance policies in place that pays the loan in full. If you quit the program, you have the option of paying them back or you can simply walk away and quit receiving any more loans. If you do that, you would have to consider this as "income" for taxation purposes. Otherwise it is always non-taxable loans.

    One additional point to consider is this.... WWLC wants all participants to give this program an honest effort but if someone cannot get their two referrals in 30 days, they can request and get a full refund less 10%. If they were one of your TWO qualifying referrals, you will have to replace them to remain active.

    However, you can either help them get their referrals or take another position UNDER them. Additional positions for you simply allow you to make more money but it also helps your referrals to get qualified.

    By your third month, you will have already earned over $300 and the fourth month - $400 ??“ fifth month $800 more and so on. In your sixth month, you receive $1600 ??“ pay back $140 = net of $1460 ??“ This amount increases each month thereafter.

    To permanently qualify your loan all you do is get 2 members and help them get their 2 members. After 60 days the system checks to see who has their 6 pack filled. You are then permanently qualified and it doesn't matter if your members quit, you are still qualified.

    WWLC wants everyone to always get their two but as long as they do not ask for a refund, they still count as your referral.

    You could even offer to benefactor (pay it forward) two people into the program as long as they are committed to getting their two. I see a number of possibilities and benefits that can be obtained from this program.
  7. teamer

    teamer New Member

    pure ponzi
  8. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    teamer: pure ponzi

    Call it whatever you want because it works for the 20,000 members in it...WWLC continues to grow at a pace of 1000 new accounts per week..Crazy but exciting...

    So what do you cally Freddie Mac & Fanny Mae... THENlol!!!



    What can we trust these days- NOTHING MUCH!!!...I just go with my gut-feeling these days and live with the decision AND manage it...

    WWLC is proven!!!
  9. Newbie Shield

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    Did you leave any income sources out of your posts? The reason I ask is that according to your comments, it doesn't look sustainable. That's why folks are stating that it reminds them of ASD.

    Only difference is this one seems even less sustainable than ASD was. In fact, the Ponzi aspect is even more transparent. I'm sure the founders and "early" members will make money but those who join right before it crashes will be out their money.

    If you left something out in regards to how it's sustainable, it might benefit the community if you would explain.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  10. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    What is sustainable these days in the united states...Please explain that?

    everyone is looking for a government bail-out these days...And i mean everyone to include the once thought of unbreakable empire of freddie mac & fanny mae...

    should we now call them the ultimate legal ponzi...Lol

    consequently... It will be hard to argue the term "sustainable" given nothing these days is sustainable...

    My point and mindset is this...

    Make a decision and stand by it...Lets keep it simple...

    Economics 101 in simple lemans terms...Nothing is sustainable when you have a dead economy...I don't care what business model you use that worked for anything...

    I made a decision to join this powerful worldwide loan club because i felt the risk was minimal and was providing lucrative monthly loans to good buddies of mine...

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  11. colibri

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    Well, now they have stopped paying temporarily and are reoganizing their business with new management. They did not tell us who the old management was. We'll see if the new ones stand up and be transparent.

    I want to believe this will continue as we already have a team of 15 people rolling and they have been paying for 6 months! Key will be whether they hold to the statement that loan disbursement will start again on the weekend (meaning tomorrow Saturday 13, 2008 and the next day).

    As an alert, do not put any money into this before verifying that they are indeed again paying OUT with loans. Providing that happens (updates will be available in my Wealth Building Enterprises website forum but I will try to get back here to update), then I will be looking to expand my team!

    Best wishes to all of us for continued success!

  12. CoffeeGuy

    CoffeeGuy New Member

    There is now a new and improved loan club starting up with
    real outside income and not a ponzi pay structure. Should have
    an official announcement this week.[​IMG]
  13. CoffeeGuy

    CoffeeGuy New Member

    Anyone else interested in a "team build" approach to build a downline for qualified business loan centers?
    I was in a Team Build that guarnateed 2 referrals, membership was up to over 53. It was going so good we started a second Team Build off the First. I was PQ'd in the first Team Build and TQ'd in the second before everything came crashing down. The principle was good and worked equally for everyone[​IMG]
  14. LauraLicata

    LauraLicata New Member

    Anyone else interested in a "team build" approach to build a downline for qualified business loan centers?
    I was in a Team Build that guarnateed 2 referrals, membership was up to over 53. It was going so good we started a second Team Build off the First. I was PQ'd in the first Team Build and TQ'd in the second before everything came crashing down. The principle was good and worked equally for everyone

    I'd consider it coffeeguy. I'm definitely joining Jake's program. He seems like he knows what he is doing and I'm learning more about this stuff everyday.

    It's pretty exciting.

    Take care,

  15. CoffeeGuy

    CoffeeGuy New Member

    Here's the announcement on the new program:

    Well, here is the LOAN CLUB announcement.

    Good day everyone. I would like to give a preview of a very exciting business opportunity that is scheduled to launch 11-1-08. In addition to this preview I would like to also explain my own involvement with this new venture. We have not yet revealed the name of this new company yet, so it will be referred to as company. Although we had explored the idea of using a business plan similar to WorldWide Loan Club, we have decided that plan would not have been a sustaining model to implement. We have therefore put together the following plan.

    Company wide forced matrix
    Passive earning plan up to 28% per month.

    With the company forced matrix there are good opinions and bad opinions, we feel the good far outweigh the negative. With a company forced matrix, everyone will get spillover although spillover will decrease as the size of the matrix gets large. So you definitely want to get an early position in this matrix.

    The passive earning product will be one of the most lucrative offers in the online industry. We will have 2 entry points on the monthly matrix fee. $20 per month member will allow a user to earn 25% monthly on all of their deposits. $40 per month member will earn 28% monthly on their deposits.

    Offline revenue is the most important facet to this operation and will make or break any online company. In fact, from a marketing standpoint, I would not even become involved with a company in this capacity unless it had the best sources for revenue. The company to be named has a very lucrative contract with a marketing group that works in the Google Ads arbitrage. The returns to the company will exceed the outgoing funds and will essentially allow this opportunity to online members to last indefinitely.

    Personally I have been contracted by the foundation which owns this company. The company is located in Panama. My role will be as a consultant and marketer. The company plans to be very forthcoming and open with its membership in all areas of its business. I will be very busy over the next couple of weeks with helping to get this company in business. My time here in the forum will be very limited, but I will stop by as I can to try to answer some questions.


    Looks like a whole new program. Might be great but it sure drops the loan club concept.


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