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  1. bravegoat

    bravegoat New Member

    hi, i am new to affiliate marketing. i have a few paid to click sites that pay me a little money, but i want more. i have been working with this free site, the big hitters are showing me step by step how to get started developing a downline, anyone heard of this site?
  2. bravegoat

    bravegoat New Member

    ok, no answers but hundreds of views. i'll tell you what i have learned, i've been a member for almost 2 months now. i havent done any person marketing except talking to my friends and family and i now have 8 signups. Pretty easy program to talk to people about. i've seen on this site a couple of users who are saying there is no product, there are many products for marketing that you are then able to use on any other site you choose, feel free to advertise your other sites usung these products. I have been paid, of course not much, but i am making 3 times what i have invested, seems pretty good to me, and it can only go up, the coop group that i am a member of has a huge campaign starting june, if interested you had better sign up now and the new people will be put under you, and isnt that the name of the game? to view the marketing products available click here [Link removed - Admin]
  3. watson

    watson New Member

    I just signed up, wow, what a fun team. Of Course you never know if something will take off, but for only 10 bucks.....there are a couple of steps to do, but they answered every question i had and showed me how to advertise. I'm looking forward to making some money! Bill
  4. John Dee

    John Dee New Member

    Hey, our group just signed up over 200 people in the last week.

    This is gonna explode and be the bestest thing on the net.

    Better get in now.......
  5. ezpro834

    ezpro834 New Member

    I have been scanning this board as a guest for months, but i wanted to sign in and comment.

    I took a chance on The Power Of A Dollar about a month and a half ago.

    I have been pleasantly surprised!

    I have done no advertising but have been given 4 paid sign ups in my month and a half, making me a Major in the TEAM system.

    The TEAM forum is very informative and my questions have always been answered very quickly.

    I advise everyone to check this out.

    Thank You
  6. bravegoat

    bravegoat New Member

    Wow, this program is now Totally free.
  7. sankir

    sankir New Member

    This thread has caught my interest over the past few days and yesterday I decided to sign up. I think this could be really big and it doesn't cost anything to join. The forum you get access to is really informative and great for seeing how others are getting on.

    I only joined yesterday but will keep you updated with how I get on.
  8. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I was looking over your comments, so I thought I would check this site out. It does seem very intresting so I decided to sign up. No harm in giving it a try, will be looking more in detail as for now so far it is free but lets see what happens.
  9. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Not a good start did not get the link right. Its late. lol
  10. sankir

    sankir New Member

    Hello again,

    Just thought I'd give a wee update. I've been doing this for a couple of days now and can't believe how easy it is and how little you actually need to do. Definately worth checking out and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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