Things to consider when looking to join a network marketing company

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    There are so many network marketing companies out there. Some people like the doing parties, others say they never what to have another party again as long as they live! Aside from basic things like how the company is set up, and the compensation plan payout, there are other things to think about that you may not know. Can you put your business in your will, or someday when your gone everything you have worked to build goes to your upline or back to the company. Most people want to pass on their business to a family member. If your not "active" for 2 consecutive months in a row, you have to start all over again. So if heaven forbid you were in a coma for 6 months and suddenly woke up and said "I have to get back to my business" do you pick right up where you left off, or is it gone and you have to start over. Also if your trying to move up the ranks, you have to wait for your downline to do their part. If some people are building at a slower pace you want to be able to achieve higher levels, but still be able to help those below you. A "ceiling" on what you earn - in other words most companies have in the policies and procedures book, if they have too many people earning at the top levels, they will only payout at 70%[​IMG]
    Does the company allow you to move consultants around in your downline not only to benefit you, but benefit the consultant so they can move up the ranks? Again do you want to have to wait for those building slower under you to catch up where you have to wait for them before you reach a higher title. Most people don't want any of this. Make sure when looking at companies you find out more about these things and ask questions. These are just a few things people have told me about with companies they have joined in the past.
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    seriesse101: So if heaven forbid you were in a coma for 6 months and suddenly woke up and said "I have to get back to my business" do you pick right up where you left off, or is it gone and you have to start over.
    Yes, there are some horror stories out there on that exact thing. A good website to study mlms and to get the real stories is at
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    Thanks - I will have to check that out!
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    Also you should really take the time to do a bit of due diligence, like going to also by contacting a few authorities, checking how long the company has been in existence. Make sure the company actually sells a product to make it legal and so on.
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    Today, I see one of the most important areas as: Does the company have products or services that consumers perceive a need for? Products or services they cannot do without. In this economy it's easy for them to give up so many products.

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    Regarding most companies and instances like the coma mentioned above, there are ways around this that some people take up.

    Let's start first off with the coma situation. Say you're in a coma for six months. This is a good reason why some of the greatest marketers have marketing partners in the business. Even with me, most people only see Glenn E Lee, the insane software developer and marketer from hell. Honestly, it's not just Glenn Lee (me) there's actually 2 other people behind me that know's the login details for said company and work the same referral links I work. If I was to get hit by a car and taken out for several months to several years, my business is taken up by the next marketer in partnership with me. My business partners consist of 1 relative and my spouse. You'd be surprised how many people do this.

    Another note as we move on. There is a tactic to be able to recruit where you want them placed. What you do is when you get a signup, you ask this signup to log into their backoffice and give you their referral link for your rotator. Either automatic rotator you can change the percentage ratio on or a manual one through meta redirects are fine. Or you can personally just give your new signup's link to a new signup to help them out.

    This helps build the downline evenly and also helps you know for a solid fact that the new affiliate got in and paid their dues to get into the company as well.

    Regarding the products or services that are usable, yes, I agree with this, I cannot agree more with this. I'll elaborate though. No way in hell will I ever join another company that just starts up and says "You can make this much money and we have ebooks!" Yeah, that's just technically legal. I'm never going to read those ebooks. I will only get into a company that I find having something useful. Webhosting, Social Networking, Image Hosting, etc. I don't want in on something personally that's going to sell me vitamins because I'll likely never use them.

    The product or service has to be useful. If it's not something that can be handy for most people, then there's no bother getting in it. Ebooks don't count, I can go to and create a free account and get as much high quality ebooks as I want on darn near any topic I feel like reading about. Cut the ebooks, I want something useful. Money is great, but I want something to sell that's not the green stuff.

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