Thinking of MLM marketing for our product..

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Ringer301, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Ringer301

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    not being involved with mlm, but knowing it is one of the best and fastest ways of promoting a product and helping others at the same time..

    my partner and I were discusing how to move our new product as fast as posible, and this method came to mind.

    we have just received out patents on a Hydrogen fuel cell that will fit any vehicle on the road as a simple addon, well, install is about an hour.

    we have installed and tested just over 100 vehicles, with fuel milage increases of minimun 20% to as high as 86%, emmissions have been cut on average of over 60%, many tests coming back with hydrocarbon readings of 0%.

    this is not a coffee can construction, this is a fully manufactured unit..

    we can retail a unit out for around 795.00 for 5.0 engines or less and 995.00 for .. we have units for 5.0 and larger.

    for hyway rigs we have a unit built with compressor to inject past the turbo's for desil engines as well.. the one unit that we have tested on, we have saved over 22% in fuel costs.. the owner told us that 22% is close to 4,000.00 a month in fuel savings to him..

    as the moment we just sell out of our shop, by word of mouth.. and we are busy, but, we are set up to manufacture alot more then we can just do by ourselves..


    we are not sure if MLM is the way to go with this, or how to set one up..

    we would like to try..

  2. Thugfried

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    MLM certainly does get promotional materials out and about (some would say too well, like a runaway train).

    mlmlegal might be of some use to you. At the least you might find something to give you more ideas about how to proceed.


    If I were In your shoes, I would definitely have a website and be doing some extensive Internet marketing. Given the nature and price of your item, having affiliates for sales may not be the best route, but you could pay affiliates for legitimate leads. Of course, you don't necessarily need ANY affiliates for successful online marketing - it's just an option.

    Regardless of whether you do an MLM approach, I think setting up online campaigns would be great. Sounds like you have great product. Best of luck [​IMG]
  3. cupbucket

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    Hire some marketers to work for you on a freelance basis. ell them you will pay them a percentage of whatever money they make you by promoting your product

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