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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Kimono_skunk, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Kimono_skunk

    Kimono_skunk New Member

    I work FT as a windshield delivery driver, simply put. And the job doesn't pay very well, but it got me thinking of a possible business I can try.

    Part of my duties if i'm not driving, is removing long scratches from windshields, using a drill with a polishing disc, some polishing compound and some water. Mind you, this will NOT fix cracks in the glass, or fix the laminate in the glass, but I can remove some fairly good scratches on either side of the shield.

    Despite not liking the job a whole lot, I realized that was the one thing I had gotten good at, rather quickly.

    And seeing how much full windshields go in, plus labor, you're talking quite a few hundred dollars for the bare shield at least.

    I was thinking of picking up a Ryobi drill, (with a small compressor in the trunk of my car) , and getting the cleaning supplies at cost from my work, and mebee going out to car dealers, and spreading the word around.

    Does this sound feasale? I'm also thinking of fees and such, but i'll test the water first by asking everyone here. ^^

    Thank you, and if I make enough, I might get to buy Profit Lance or Income4beginners.

  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Yes, sounds feasible, start by posting your services in the local craigslist
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I'd go for it if the investment doesn't cost too much money - the big thing you will need to do is figure out ways to get business.
  4. otiose

    otiose New Member

    Sorry, but unless you really know what you're doing, you could end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

    It's one thing stuffing up the job on a cheap family saloon; quite another if it's a top-of-the-range model...

    So look into protective insurance VERY carefully -- and be prepared to go onto oxygen when you discover the premiums!

    For a while I used to do mobile paint touchups on vehicles, built up the business and sold it as a going concern.

    But, believe me, I went into the legal/insurance side pretty carefully before I took on my first customer.


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