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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by BrianFromOmaha, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. BrianFromOmaha

    BrianFromOmaha New Member

    Any tips on how to best pitch a product or service to family members and close friends? It can be awkward and even be resented.
  2. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Yes, don't! I was just talking to a friend about this and how I am so tired of being pitched by marketers trying to get me in their line. If you have to convince someone to do something, they aren't going to be productive or an asset to your business. Just my thoughts.

    The most successful mlm marketer I know who is just killing it just shares her results and her lifestyle speaks for itself and customers come to her. She never does a pitch until asked to do so.
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  3. Rafael Lizola

    Rafael Lizola New Member

    Hey Brian, I Would seriously consider taking a sales course first, it will help you A LOT!!
    I personaly avoid pitching my friends and family because it can be sensitive and risky, you may get your grandma to buy something because of you, not the product, but that might be a one time thing.
    If you still think it's worth a shot then consider the following:
    1.- Walk and talk with confidence about you and your product or opportunity, you need to be percived as an authority even if you are not... yet.
    2.- Talk to them, find out if the product or business you are promoting actualy solves a problem or it's the "pain killer" that they need.
    3.- Give them something of value to them, what I Mean is, give them some free tips on XYZ that you learned from the experts
    like health and wellnes etc.
    I'll give you my personal experience... mi eldest son doesent like vegetables (shocker right!) and only likes bananas, and was getting sick all the time and my brother just sayd " here, try this, it will help to keep him from getting sick" and that was it, I saw the results and asked him about the product and the company and joined. He solved my problem he didn't pitch me a product or a business opportunity.
    Excuse the typos, english is not my native language.

    Best of luck!!
    P.S. Learn when to move on, don't nag them or pressure them,
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  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I wouldn't "pitch" a product, service or opportunity to my family. I would share it with them. Show and tell.

    A pitch suggests that there is a degree of formality and self-serving ulterior motive on the part of the person doing the pitching. Nobody likes to be pitched because it creates an underlying feeling of manipulation, and that approach can create resentment and resistance.

    On the other hand, people are much more open and receptive to sharing because there's no pressure or obligation attached to sharing. I believe that kind of environment is better suited to a beneficial outcome for the parties involved.

  5. BrianFromOmaha

    BrianFromOmaha New Member

    Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. Good stuff.
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  6. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    The best tip is find out if they have a need for what you have to offer BEFORE pitching anyone anything. You do this by just having a normal conversation with people, family too.
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  7. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    YES, Big Tip, There are billions of people on the Internet!

    Save your relationships and don't mix family/friends with business as this can go so wrong.

    That's my two cent. :)
  8. Ron Scott Jr |

    Ron Scott Jr | New Member

    My advice would be simply to simply ask them if they could take a look at a new business that you just started, and if you could get their opinion. Do not directly ask them to join. Get them to understand your business opportunity by referring them to a tool like a brochure, flyer, website, or dvd. Then follow up with them and feel them out. See if your business opportunity is something that will benefit them.
    On another note I agree with Newoak, there are millions upon millions of people on the internet. Get some training on how to talk to them and get them to join your business.
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