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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by brikel, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. brikel

    brikel New Member

    I'm new to this forum, and I was just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on YourNetBiz. I was just introduced to it, seems like it has a lot of great features.

    I'm a newbie just looking for some feedback.
  2. bakakaichi

    bakakaichi New Member

    Hi Brikel, i'm new to this forum too. recently i'm also looking at working at home opportunity, tired of the 9-5 jobs already. YourNetBiz is it great?
  3. graemestuart

    graemestuart New Member

    Hi Brikel & Bakakaichi,

    I guess I'm biased because my wife Jess and I have been with YourNetBiz for the last year, and doing really well with it - left our day jobs a long time a go...

    believe it or not this is my first time ever on a forum! - I found your posts by accident on google... Anyway, I don't want to break any forum rules, but I would be very happy to answer any questions you have about the business.

    In answer to the question, "is it great?" - I would honestly say, yes it is. I doubt you'd be able to find a more genuine and ethical business opportunity anywhere online. Also the support is excellent for newbies... immense amount of training, mentoring groups, and when you sign up, your sponsor automatically becomes a personal mentor to help you get started.

    Brikel, you mentioned that YNB has lots of great features - well I won't get started or it'll just look like an advert : )
    But I will say that it's probably the most comprehensive, feature-laden system available online...

    Anyway, nice to have found you both - let me know if you want to know anything more?

    Have a nice weekend : )

  4. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I was with "YourNetBiz" when it was called something else--last year it was called "My Internet Biz." Personally I found it really tough to get anyone else interested in this expensive program. I paid thousands for the Platinum program ($3K). The company selling agent really pressed on me that I needed the expensive program. He made it clear that most people sign up with the expensive program. And then he stated that I would NOT get paid for all of those funds if I was only signed up with the lesser expensive programs. He said the money would simply move up to my sponsor.

    I also really wish that someone would have told me ahead of time that there was over $60.00 per month fee just to keep my website. In addition I wish I would have known about having to get and pay (even more money per month) for a merchant account of my own. Too many things were left undisclosed when I signed up for this thing.

    I tried to market this unsuccessfully for 5 months.

    When I closed my account with this company they promised not to charge me anymore for the $60.00 per month. BUT instead they totally disconnected me from their backoffice ticket support system and still continued charges. This company was (and maybe still is) based in Australia--I had NO PHONE number, NO information how to access them EXCEPT through their backoffice support system. It took some time and frustrating work to get these charges eventually stopped. If anyone else has had this experience contact "Digital River Processing" in the United States--they were the ones actually processing my credit card for this company. Even though Digital River is in the United States I also had "overseas excise tax charges" for my credit card charges as if they had been charged in Australia.

    Perhaps I failed miserably because this program is so blasted expensive. Or perhaps I failed because I had no idea last year where or how to corectly market or advertise for this program. (My sponsor was from England and NEVER responded to me or helped me in any way.)[​IMG]

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