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  1. SAS78

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    Hello All!

    Just curious averages for the following questions:

    1) On average, how many hours per week you spend developing your business?
    2) On average how many sales do you make per week as a result of the time spent?
    3) What level would you say the majority of your sales fall into?
    4) Are your sales generated mostly from individuals or businesses?

    I'm not looking for $$ amts or anything, just curious about #'s [​IMG]

    Thanks to all for sharing!
  2. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    This is what happend when I started. I jumped in to the business and worked it VERY part time. I ran mainly google adwords and did at least a month of Classifieds with the Charolotte observer. (BIG MISTAKE) If you do classifieds, don't do them in NC. Anyway, I went for 2 months and NO SALES. I was starting to get scared because my director told me that if I followed the plan I should be able to generate $3,000 to $9,000 in 30 to 90 days. Well, I was 2/3 through that and still no sales. In my desperation I decided to listen to the training in the back office of WCYS. I made just a few keyword changes in my google ads and BAM, I had 2 sales in 4 days! Now, after kicking myself in the rearend several times for not diving into the training the day after I joined I started listening to the rest of the training calls and the other training info in the back office. It taught me so many things that I though I already new. Within a month I had generated that $9,000 so I actually DID make the $3,000 to $9,000 in 30 to 90 days. Does everyone do that? No, not at all. Can you? I don't know. I just wanted to mention this stuff so that everyone reading this post can understand how important training really is. I promise, you don't know as much as you think you do. I am the number one example of that statement. NOW, to answer your questions:

    1- 15 to 20 doing various things.

    2-It's hard to say because one month you might make 4 to 10 sales and the next you might only make 1 so it's hard to gauge it.

    3- I would say 2/3 are level 2 and the rest level 1.

    4- individuals.
  3. jlDunn

    jlDunn New Member


    This is definitely a business where you get out what you put in!

    Here is an idea of how I operate -

    I spend about 3 hours a day working with prospects - on the phone, emailing, answering questions, attending events.....etc....

    then I spend what time I can spare between housework, baseball, soccer, school, and a baby developing my business - learning, marketing, and just talking with people....

    I talk with my teammates, and others I have met in Coastal, and I learn new things, about the advantages of Coastal over other home businesses, about marketing ideas - blogging, ezines, classifieds, and I also spend time listening to the pros - I listen to as many calls as I can, either live - on speaker phone as I do other things, or recorded.....I grow myself as much as my business.

    I am no veteran, only a rookie - been doing this since January, and I am averaging 2 sales a month....and let me tell you, get started at level 2 if you can...way easier to market!!!

    All of my sales thus far have been to individuals....but I have started marketing to businesses as well - here I seem to lack the confidence so that is what I am 'building' currently!

    Hope this all helps! And welcome to Coastal!

  4. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Great questions. First off though you have to look at what stage of your business you are in. For this case ill will say that you are just starting. Now many people just starting have full time jobs so its important that you make a game plan with your director when you start. You also have to make a decision if you are going to retail or prospect. If you are retailing then you must spend some time researching your market. Many fall short on this. You must know as much about your market as possible. Make a plan and hit as many businesses as you can in their less busy times. Now if you are prospecting on the phone you need to spend at keast half of your working time on the phone. That is keep in the beginning. Get it started right and it just grows. One brings you 2 that brings you 4 and so on. In the beginning you should be in constant contact with your director. Work out with them how they like to be contacted. On average I see most of my sales as premier. Its a good fit for most people. In my opinion ive also found that most of my people that start at level one quit as well. Not sure why but that has been my experience. How many sales you make a week is subjective as well so I dont have alot of answers for that.

  5. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Wow, thanks Lindsay and hsimpspnjr for your posts -I sent in my money on April 30, received my Level 1 and 2 and now my cards by last week and now am ready to jump into the advertising aspect now that I have seen the product.
    I am activating some trips that I may give to friends as incentives to join (has anyone done this?) I am hoping I can do the Disney World/Carnival Cruise in August and that the dates coincide with my vacation time so then I will have a great testimonial on 2 of the vacations in the package.

    I did not tell my husband I had purchased this but he found out today and of course thinks that it will be the same as the other things I did but didn't succeed in more than 8 years ago (in my twenties)

    I need to show him I can do this so reading those posts are so encouraging -I will start doing the WCYS training every night -unfortunately the calls are at the same time I put the kids to bed but I can listen to them later

    I am determined to make money at this so I can be able to slow down on my home daycare job as it is very stressful with long hours and focus more on my own two girls

    Is it realistic to set a budget of $300 on advertising a month until I start selling? I am already paying over $50 Canadian for the WCYS site. I have received a little help from my Director so I am hoping if I keep bugging her I will get some more support.
  6. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    $300 a month is great! Also, you can invest in a wireless headset to use with your cell phone or computer and you can walk around and listen to the calls or from your PC on SKYPE. That's what I do because I am usually putting the kids in the bed or giving baths or doing something like that also. (Yes, some fathers really do stuff like that these days. lol)
  7. jlDunn

    jlDunn New Member

    Harold is right Judy,

    My budget is about $300 amonth for my websites and marketing, and I find it is doing very well....however April was a bad month for us so I cut my budget a little and did some flyers and posting on forums, and free ads - this all takes a little more time, but less money....Everyone can help you out with marketing on a low budget as well....and be on your director!

    Don't forget, they get your first 2 sales then you are on your own, so make them work for it! You want to be a pro when you are released, so be sure to take in as much as you can, and make your director be there to help you! He/she will benefit from you too.....

    I listen to evening calls with my phone on speaker phone....I miss a bit with kids screaming before bed, and that sort of thing, but I get most of it.....and I don't know about WCYS, but I'm sure they have recorded calls - everyone does so you can get them from somewhere.....

    And as for making money - don't let this be your focus....focus on the small tasks, and you will put less pressure on yourself.....and the small tasks I mean having people opt into your webpage, having people call into the call centre, getting people the information they need to make a GOOD decision, answering people's questions, getting your advertising out there, and much more, but focus on the little stuff, it is much more do-able, and you will feel much better when they are accomplished because the big results will follow!!![​IMG]

    To your success!

    Visit the forum lots, it is a great place to get information and support!

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