Time Management and Multitasking for the stay at home dad.

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  1. How to do all of this and still have time quality time with the family. I am a stay at home dad of twin boys now two and a seven year old, so i would like to share some good pointers to how i mange my time management.

    • Get up before everyone else. That's right it might seem stupid but getting up before everyone else when the house is quit is where my best work is done. Normal wake up for me is around 6am, the eldest i get up at 7:45. So that's 1 hour 45 of me time to get stuff done like read emails, write reports finish a YouTube video off etc...
    • Multitask. Use all the resources you have all at once. Typically i have my tablet producing YouTube videos, desktop open on publisher working on a project, my laptop browser open on a forum and doing a survey in another tab. This means i can be working on "3-6 different things at one time" .
    • Optimize time. Plan ahead have a plan for the next day and act on it, decide what you want to achieve and stick to that goal. I have a chalkboard that i use to write the next days events on, i just rub them out once completed.
    • Smart Phone. Having a windows phone means i can do a lot of stuff that i could do on my computers, Its linked to all my accounts outlook, one-drive, Dropbox and web access so i can check up on forums while on the go. Also has an almost full office suite so i can work on projects while on the go also.
    These are just a few of the many ways to make the most of the time you have so you can spend quality time with the family. because admit it that's why we wanted to work from home to spend quality time with the kids and wife.
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    Getting work done at quieter times helps me with productivity as well. Instead of watching TV in the evenings/later at night, I find it's a good time to hop online and get stuff done. :)

    Great suggestions in your post Geoffrey. :)

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