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    Home based business owners spend most of their time in the confines of their home and quite often this leads to loneliness and if continued, may even cause depression. Here are some suggestions to tackle those gloomy feelings:

    1) Manitain a fixed schedule

    Most take the flexibility of working from home granted, often leading to lengthy work hours and less socialization. A fixed routine allows time to socialize.

    2) Take regular breaks

    Taking frequent breaks is a good way to refresh your mind and body. You can utilise this period by going for short walks, meditating or simply enjoying nature.

    3) Join a health club

    Apart from the health benefits of joining a health club, it provides an excellent opportunity for socializing.

    4) Find a new hobby

    By starting a home based business, it is most likely that you might have turned your hobby into your livelihood, which takes a lot of fun out of it. Starting a new hobby can bring some zest back into your life.

    5) Start a part-time job

    What I'm talking is not a regular commuting job. A part-time job like baby-sitting, home tutoring, can provide excellent opportunity for you to unwind and beat the isolation; with the added benefit of an extra source of income. Even 5 hours a week can be sufficient to keep to sane.
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    Here's a good article on beating home business blues.

    Then one day it all falls apart. You wake up and nothing feels right. You can??™t work properly. You dread turning on your computer to ???deal??? with all the annoying emails. Making a sale doesn??™t give you a buzz like it used to. Your work ethic drops and you know your baby - your business - will suffer if you stay solemn and unmotivated.

    You just don??™t care anymore.

    So what happened?

    I have experienced this de-motivated state before and can tell you why it is - the computer can??™t hold a conversation with you.

    There is only so much solo-enterprising you can handle before you require contact with other people. Humans, by nature, need contact with other humans. That goes for soloists, too.

    The solution is simple; get some friends, communicate with others and make plans to get away from your business on a regular basis.

    Courtesy: Business Opportunities Weblog
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    Thanks for the info.

    Personally, if you can manage your time well, i don't think you will get depression so easily. Am i right? [​IMG]

    It will boil down to your time management.

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