Tips: Traffic Generation Sources and Ideas

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    Traffic Sources and Traffic Ideas

    Plenty of Fish -

    Facebook -

    Twitter -

    Youtube -

    Note: You can also simply create your own youtube videos and upload them, with your opt-in page link embedded in the video, or below in the description. Try producing several of these for best results.

    SiteScout - (formerly AdBrite) - You can buy a lot of traffic here. Great place to start.

    BuySellAds - - Paid traffic from a ton of different publishers. Excellent site to get started with.

    Google PPC - - Paid traffic from one of the biggest sources on the internet. Put your link to your domain where there is your opt-in page for List building.

    Bing / Yahoo Search - - 2nd tier PPC network. Not as much traffic as Google, but less strict and cheaper prices

    AdMarketPlace - - Self Serve Text Ads

    EZineArticles - - Publish relavant articles about the topic of your niche and link to your opt-in page domain for List Building. You will generate floods of free traffic.

    TrafficVance - - I believe they require a $1000 deposit, but well worth it. They are a PPV/CPV ad network and have a very nice interface.

    Lead Impact - - Another CPV ad network with a good reputation. Lots of international inventory.

    Ask - - Go here and answer questions related to your niche, while mentioning your opt-in page as a good source of information. Great way to generate free traffic.

    Chech also this site, lots of sources of traffic:
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