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    Yesterday, I had two unique experiences and thought I'd share them with you today. Most (maybe all) people are in the sales business. Whether you're actually selling products for a commission, selling your services as a professional or just selling yourself as a person worthy of friendship or trust in the workplace, we do a lot of selling in everyday life.

    I attended a business networking lunch yesterday afternoon and encountered 9 other business owners and listened to them interact in this informal gathering. Now it was my first networking event with this group, but somehow I went first. I didn't really say too much about my business because being the first person, I wasn't sure what was appropriate. The people that followed took a few minutes each and sold us all on what they do. Two of the ladies were in network marketing and metaphorically threw-up their business venture all over us. They went on and on about how great the company is, how many awards its won, home much money you can make, etc., etc. And I was turned off.

    My second experience was at last night's goal-setting seminar, where I talked to a new attendee. It was frigid outside and she was the only person that attended the meeting, besides the Center staff who listened in too. She and I just talked about her life and her goals for 2010. We talked about ways to improve ourselves and I made an effort to really convey how important it is to me that others succeed in their goals both financially and in their hearts. Doing this, she was much more receptive to hearing about what I could offer her, but I still didn't really want to start selling her on any product. Now, I did (after a little prodding from her) share with her the information on starting a Zrii home business, but only after she knew that my goal was about helping her mature as a person and not just as a sale.

    As a matter of fact, I didn't even ask her for a sale. I actually gave her my product for free - an additional gesture of value. Then I completed my presentation by explaining the value of working in a healthy, functional team like mine. I honestly think that meeting will result in her starting a home business and I think she has the potential to do very well.

    In network marketing, where people have the potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly and quickly to boot, it's easy to think about the money. But as business owners, when we focus on the money and the products and the company we do like my lunch experience and throw up all over our customers. Focusing on building relationships and trust is much easier than hawking any kind of product - no matter how revolutionary it is. I believe that a sincere, honest person can make a living selling just about anything so long as he or she sets out with the belief that they aim to add value to the lives of others as opposed to line their pockets with cash. Until next time ...

    Prosper well,

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    ZriiProsper: Focusing on building relationships and trust is much easier than hawking any kind of product - no matter how revolutionary it is.
    I agree wholeheartedly. It establishes the foundation on which you can build lasting financial relationships.

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    I absolutely agree. I have tried many, many MLM programs and failed every time I led with the opportunity. If I led with the product and it was not a good product even though the comp plan was amazing I still failed. You have to have a great product and a great comp plan and lead with the product, plain and simple.
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    Great Post,

    Have you trained under Mike Dillard at all?

    If not you would love his products.

    Let us know if you get the business partner.


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    I agree that this does sound like Mike Dillard, and I couldn't agree more. We must build a relationship with our leads before we can sell anything.
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    That's a great story and so true however, there are many "sincere, honest" people with belief's and they are still not making as much money as they would like.

    We need to work on ourselves and become Leaders people want to follow, "if you work on your business, you'll make a living. If you work on yourself, you'll make a fortune" and we get to choose.

    Make it a great day!

    Ginger Hogue
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    Really great comments going on here about the matter of best selling,
    true selling is really is an art of relating to people; nobody like to be sold to, so don't sell to anybody,as a friend of mine say "Tell" don't sell."Tell" people about something great and motivating and the rest will come naturally. I agree with gingerva, work on yourself and you will have them buy from you because of your radiant attitude."Do untho others, what you would like others do unto you".
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    Superb posts! Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for recounting your stories [​IMG]

    Building trust is the first step in selling. Look at everyday life; you won't buy something unless you trust the brand or source. Network marketers aren't immune from this law.

    Imagine if a large sales company ran a commercial where their chief execs drove around in Bentleys and Ferarris, telling you how wonderful their product was and how rich it made them? This company would be viewed as a group of clowns and shills. That is exactly what the 2 ladies were doing and it's what turns most people off right away. Any successful company builds a brand by developing trust first. Nobody cares about what you have to offer or how you could better their life unless you care about them. That's the chasm which must be jumped; from YOU to THEM. This leap of faith is made by building trust and leaving behind the silly tactics of the past.


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