Top 8 Sites For Google Domination - My Current List

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by web20mentor, Apr 2, 2008.

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    ***All I ask is that you tell me some of your secrets on this thread***

    I have commonly used the following Web 2.0 sites in tandem (as Wallace Wattles would say "in a certain way") to literally DOMINATE Google search engines. I have dominated as many as 8 of the top 10 main search results for some excellent money making keywords. My current favorite sites are:

    Squidoo - even though Google slapped them hard last year with major reduction in trust authority...they still play a roll in the larger plan to dominate a keyword.

    HubPages - Great site, easy to use...must like Squidoo.

    Quizilla - This one is a little confusing but when grouped with the other's powerful.

    Dandelife - A very neat little "TimeLine" site that is not only fun to play with but very effective if used strategically.

    YOUTUBE - Yes, it plays a HUGE ROLL! Google LOVES video content.

    Craigslist - Yep, those crazy little ads actually get great rank. Surprising...yet they have been getting less rank these last few months. My guess is the Massive Spam that is created there. Same reason why Myspace is a top 5 site for overall traffic but has HORRIBLE Google authority.

    WORDPRESS - This is the Granddaddy of all blog sites. If you are running any sort of online business without a Wordpress blog, you just aren't that serious about it yet. I hate blogging, but I have a wordpress blog. If nothing else, I use it to link to my other stuff.

    Crackle - Another video site. This thing is somehow outranking Youtube Videos, Google Videos, IFilm Videos and all the others. Got to know how to pay attention to keywords. I also know lots of dark secrets about video ranking that helps me. I'll share on a future post on the topic...Promise.

    I hope that helps someone out there that is struggling with this stuff. It does take some attention to detail. You cannot just throw up a bunch of sites and think that the traffic faucet is going to automatically turn on. It won't.

    Want another BIG SECRET on how I learned this stuff???? I go to search engines. I search mid range competitive keywords like "make money online" or something like that and I study the top 10-20 sites. How did they get there? Get good at figuring that out and you will MASTER online marketing and MLM will be a piece of cake because when you know that stuff, people will chase you all over town to find it out from you.


    Danny Arrington

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    Thanks for sharing this. Good stuff!

    I do article marketing and press releases. When you write articles and want to optimize them, do it with specific keywords. You want to use your specific keyword in the title and twice throughout the article and then within the code to enter in the resource box. General key words are not the way to go with SEO. You can use specific keywords such as names of other businesses that are similar in cost to yours, such as high ticket programs, other MLM businesses, and also target names of "heavy hitters" in your field. There's so many possible specific keywords out there to use. Make sure to put the back link in the resource box, too. Doing this lands me on the front page of google within a few days everytime. Best part about it, it's FREE.

    Same with when you're doing PPC, target very specific keywords, not general terms. Usually the serious prospects are going to type in specifically what they're looking for not general terms like "work from home" etc.
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    Very good post, Sticky worthy IMHO.

    Very general, yet helpful hints in there for those wanting to learn the craft.

    Keywords are a SOB to learn, but once you get the feel for them you can use them and always get good rankings.

    tip: ALWAYS USE PROPER NOUNS (Names, Company Names, etc).

    If you're doing a review in an article and don't refer to the company at least 10 times by name and at least once in the title then you're just wasting your time.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Opendomain.....Really there's no need to refer to the company 10 times in the article, twice in the body, once in the title and then I utilize the keyword in the code I input in the resource box and that's what I was taught by the creator of the business I promote. I implement his techniques and I land on the front page of google within 24 hrs to 2 days for those specific keywords and stay there.
  5. opendomain

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    yeah I was speaking that way to try and get the point across. I've done a few experiments and i've noticed that when using articles to it is best to refer to the company rather than not. For instance
    Let's say I was writting a review about this forum.

    Example 1 (not recommended)
    WaHF is a great site, it is full of great people with tons of knowledge. The forum is a great place to network and interact with a wide variety of people from across the globe dealing in businesses that are just as varied. You can find topics ranging from mlm's to vacation businesses.

    Example 2 (Recommended)
    WaHF is a great site full of great people with tons of knowledge. WAHF is a great place to network and interact with a wide variety of people from across the globe dealing in businesses that are just as varied. On WAHF you can find...

    I've tried using and deleting both types of articles and found that those with the "keyword/company name/topic" woven through-out hte article tend to work a bit better and more quickly. I'm not saying you have to, just that in my experiance they the articles tend to stick longer and are more relevent when being searched for.

    If i write a 2 page review or guide I will weave the name of whatever it is i'm reviewing in as tastefully as possible.
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    Wow, thanks for the list there are a few on there I haven't heard of.
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    ***All I ask is that you tell me some of your secrets on this thread***

    Joint Venture Secrets,

    Call the webmasters, buy all their products ,join them on facebook or myspace , give them some tips to improve their site,and then after having a good relationship offer them your product to review.

    Use Controversial Press releases [​IMG]

    for ex. u can say "why google didnot sue you"

    becos u didnt do anything wrong,that's why they din't sue you.[​IMG]

    [​IMG] a bit risk if done wrongly , keep it humorous and nice and then
    put your story.

    Digg and StumbleUpon are not bad either.

    do advertising in stumbleUpon or other social sites,these are not pricy like Adwords.

    and have a button on your landing page and give a compelling reason for people to share.

    well that's it for now, try this then more is coming


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