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    About a year and a half ago, I continuously looked for an online way to earn extra money. After about $400 thrown away, I found a good stable job (not online). Well just four weeks I was let go because of our economy and I am not in a major struggle. I wanted to try this online thing out again. So all day I have been looking and researching sites. And I have a question about this site.

    I have not found anything yet bad about it. Please get back to me.


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    Haven't particularly visited that site but if you stick around in this forum, ask questions and make posts, there are many knowledegable people that will help you get the ball rolling! The latest craze in this forum, i think, is cash gifting. Keep doing your research knowing everyone in this forum is here to help so don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions!!
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    thanks bdkfreedom[​IMG]
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    Have you tried looking under find it has something on every program,good or bad.
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    My husband is a Forex trader, and it is NOT that easy. If you get stuck in a bad position, you'll lose a ton of money fast. Your account could get wiped clean in a day. The market has been doing some weird movements and is completely unpredictable. You can learn to trade yourself for free, download a free demo account with FXCM and try it out yourself without having to put a dime in it. Get used to the volatility first, it's been moving 200-400 points a day. Thursdays usually ahve a lot of movement since many of our government's financial reports come out that day.
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    The site makes a lot of boisterous claims like guaranteeing $2000 in income. I couldn't find anything from the Better Business Bureau, so it doesn't look like anyone's made any complaints. Anyone know if this is a new company?

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