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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by LordAlan, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. LordAlan

    LordAlan New Member

    i just got traffic quest. it is 100% free and i like that alot. but i havent see many othere people with it. so i just wanted to know if any of you use/used it and how did it do for you?

  2. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    I havent heard of it, can you tell me more about it. Something thats free is always worth a look!

  3. LordAlan

    LordAlan New Member

    you know how chain leters work right. in some ways it like that. you go to the site in my links spend about 5 mins looking at the 10 links on the page each link will give you a code and you place it in the space for it. then fill out the info for your site and your email. then they will send you a page link with you site at the top then just put it out there for others to see and it just keeps working out farthere and farthere.
    it hasn't worked that bad so far. ( for some thing i got for FREE anyway) i think it would be cool for every one to sine up for it. then we would all know about each otheres homebiz, and we would all get good traffic to our sits by people that are in to the same things.

  4. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Thanks Eric, I might have to give that I try!

    I agree with you though...too bad everyone couldn't just share the traffic.....All that traffic usually mean lots of money, like really why does one person or company need millions of dollars? I could help so many people with that kind of money...that would be very rewarding!If only I could run the world and make it a better place for everyone, only in my dreams!
  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    How much traffic do you get every day
  6. LordAlan

    LordAlan New Member

    well i just started a week or so ago so not much right now. thats why i am trying to promote it. i just want to get 10 people to put there sit on the list. so that there is 11 people out there pushing our adds. and dont for get it is free so why not give it a try. yes there is a upgrade that you can pay for but i dont think its worth it.

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