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  1. knicky

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    Hi guys, have any of you ever heard of Bux3 or Clicksense? I'm still pretty new at this stuff, but it seems to me to be a cheap way of getting traffic to your site. You can also earn a few quid by clicking on the featured ads yourself. Usually a penny a click, so it isnt going to make you rich. New ads appear every day. You get access to more ads if you upgrade to premium. Works out at around a ??5 to upgrade I think. I would just like to ask any of our more experienced players, if this sounds like a good idea to earn a few quid, and advertise your own site on the cheap.

    Cheers guys

  2. knicky

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    Well it seemed to do the trick, the high volume of traffic I created by advertsing with clicksense, has put me in 5th position in a normal google search. Ok, you have to type 'weight loss tips1' to bring it up, and not many would type that, but it gives me the motivation to create a proper website, with a more generic title.

    Still struggling with cloaking affilate links though. Can anyone help me with that?
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    Thanks for the heads up on clicksense i will have to look into that, i had never heard of it before you mentioned it, a typical example of you learn new things everyday:p

    as for cloaking affiliate links, there is a method of doing this in the profit lance course under the tips and tricks. But i purchased mikes new software and that makes the whole process a lot easier [​IMG]

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