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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by successful2008, May 21, 2008.

  1. successful2008

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    I just wanted to take a few moments to say that if you're starting a home business or are looking into starting one, make sure that that company has a a full training staff. So many newbie internat marketers don't have the first clue on how to market. I personally don't want any one on my team to figure things out on their own. We're all about having the resources for the marketer to do well. If you want to find what's working out well or not, ask here. Till next time, make your day a successful one.

    To your success,
  2. gchildren

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    Well said!

    This is a very important ingredient for the beginner. They need to know that there is going to be somebody there to help.

    In addition, I would add that a good arsenal of marketing tools is essential. All of the advice in the world can only get one so far. You need to have some tools to apply the information that one is getting.

  3. mountainmom5

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    I agree that training is so important and something that is equally as important is the ability to be coachable and trainable!

    There is a variety of marketing methods being used to do network marketing and different companies use different methods but if you start with a company and try re-invent the wheel, you will end up spinning your wheels instead..[​IMG]
  4. Breanne

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    I absolutely agree that training is absolutely necessary to achieve success in any online business.It wasn't until after that I found my mentor that things really turned around for me. Running a business without the right training will more often than not result in a big waste of time and money. That was what happened to me before I was educated in how to market online.

    I would advise anyone who is in a business and their up-line or sponsor isn't mentoring them or showing how to market effectively to take their success into their own hands and branch out and find a mentor. It doesn't mean that you should leave your business but definitely find someone who can show you how to market effectively so that you can start seeing results and the kind of results you are aiming for.
  5. Homeboy

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    Hmm.........well, I haven't had any 'training' per se, although I do read a lot of ebooks and watch a lot of free videos whenever I can get hold of them.

    There's really a ton of great free advice out there, you just have to spend some time looking for it and studying it.

    Need to learn how to make a website? Google it.

    Article marketing tips? Google.


    I guess this will be different for everyone, but that's the way I've learned everything and have no regrets. [​IMG]

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