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    Having owned a travel agency several years ago, as well as researching all the MLM card mill deals out there, I found travelencia to be a very unique alternative, especially when entered through Unselfish Wealth Team where the commitment of everyone is to Pay-It-Forward to insure everyone gets into profit quickly.

    No doubt travel is a multi trillion dollar industry, but paying $500.00 to $600.00 to get an ID card which is not respected by travel industry any longer, makes you wonder how they exist operating of recruiting commissions almost exclusively. Then they charge up to $80.00 per month, so how many ever recoup their costs and expenses with any travel bookings? None, that is how many.

    Anyone who likes travel like I do should research this newly launched travel club membership concept. You get access to wholesale travel just like the other deals, but it only costs $50.00, plus $19.95 per month. Now you can book your discount travel package, finance it at no interest or with no credit, and with Unselfish Wealth option, you will earn more than enough to cover your vacation payments, never mind monthly $19.95 member fee. It just makes far more sense when you compare with all the others, so by all means, do your research. I still have my travel related URL, and now I can finely take it out of moth balls and use it. lol

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