Trifecta Cashflow System scam or legit?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by ibapaine, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. ibapaine

    ibapaine New Member

    I'm currently looking for a way to work at home and so far my search is going about the way I figured it would. Either a scam or they reqiure money. Don't get me wrong sure I would pay for something IF I had a CC and the money to buy it with. But, I found this website says they can make you X amount of money in Y amount of time and seems to me most of you on this forum took a while to make money. So, I was just wondering if its legit or not. Also, wondering what is the price to get in with this company? ANY info would be greatly Helpfully.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The reason many more people are not successful in life and don't make a lot more money is so often a by product of their mindset, that is a conditioning of their sum total of life experiences and what they have been trained to think by people that are not in any better situation than themselves.

    Thus to be successful it's more than just the "right" opportunity if one's mind isn't right and ripe for opportunity.

    Thus I would suggest getting the book, there is a partial free download version available at:
    (The full ebook version is $12)

    Here's a youtube interview, one of several about the book and the author:

    No one knows what all you've seen that you are interestingly labeling them a scam, so please use such words with caution, as one's failure to succeed where others have, does not constitute a scam.

    Additionally, if one is of the mind set that financial freedom is free, then they will never see such freedom. Even time is worth money in U.S. of America.

    That being said, I want to make it clear to the admin, that I don't know the creator of this tread, and nor did I ask him to post my website link in his quest for information about Trifecta Cashflow System. Nor do I know if he/she has actually taken the time to go through the process of getting information or is just kindly seeking feedback.
  3. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    FreeCashMan is the creator of the Trifecta Cashflow System.

    It is very legit and is a good program.

    If you are interested you should look through it and talk to him.

    He is a good guy.


    Edit: It does require LITTLE money the first month. But never again.

    If you have a bank account that would work.
  4. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    I would like to say that Free cash man is right. Having been in alot of MLM's myself even before the internet I would agree with you, there are alot of scams out there true, but the companies that I was with weren't. I still didn't succeed in them and maybe it was my mind set or maybe the compensation plan wasn't made for you to succeed until you spent alot of money and reached certain levels (ruby, diamond, super whatever) typically you had to have autoship and get others to be on autoships as well.

    I have looked into this company and there is none of that which is a refreshing breath of fresh air. I am so burned out on those kind of programs that I named above. Take the time to look into things and do your research first always. If it looks appealing then ask particular question of someone that maybe in it if you still have questions. There are no guarantees in anything. The pay plan is based on how much effort and time you are willing to put into it. Everything takes time to build. It all takes work and effort on your part no matter what it is you decide to do.

    I hope that I have answer some of your concerns. If it is found out that you are part of this opportunity and trying to scam the forum then you are abusing the forum. If it is a legitamate question I would think it would be an ok question to ask. I thought that is what forum were for was to get information, and to help each other. Maybe posting the link was the wrong thing to do?? Since you seem to be a new member maybe be aware of that the next time you have a question about something. We are all here to help each other.
  5. ibapaine

    ibapaine New Member

    Hmm...first let me say I was just wondering so I figured I would ask because I was assuming that this was a forum. I also believe that a forum is for information. So, I googled the program before I posted this question looking for a forum. I went through several pages didn't find anything about it other then reviews. So when I came back here I also searched the program and couldn't find anything on it. So, I figured I would ask.

    Having that being said, I'm just looking for an opportunity. Sorry freecashman. But, you are TOTALLY CORRECT! Nothing could be better then a blind man leading another blind mind.
  6. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    ibapaine: Having that being said, I'm just looking for an opportunity. Sorry freecashman. But, you are TOTALLY CORRECT! Nothing could be better then a blind man leading another blind mind.
    I'm not following?
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what was being said there either.

    Trifecta Cashflow System for Success (TCSS) is certainly not a blind leading the blind situation.

    TCSS is a system styled opportunity that addresses the ills of the network marketing industry that has caused a 95% failure rate of the average and ordinary person to succeed in the industry and earn a substantial 4-5 figure income that gives them true financial flexibility and freedom.

    We provide a simple plan that the average ordinary person can see, believe, and achieve to earn at least an additional $40,000 plus in income working from home, and make it long-lasting.

    Anyone that is looking for a true and genuine home business opportunity in which they would have a High probability of succeeding Trifecta Cashflow System is an answer.

    Blind would be follow the same 'ole networking home business opportunities and systems that have continuously failed people.
  8. ChrisPotter

    ChrisPotter Guest

    I am currrently involved with the program, and honestly its not bad, its in start up mood currently so a good time to get hitched, its $30 to start
  9. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Rlopez250, Did you watch the video?? It should explain everything for you. Did you understand how it works?? If not send Jah a pm after you have viewed the informaiton. Have a great weekend
  10. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Ok, so what are the 3 income streams?
  11. success9

    success9 New Member

    I think your signature line is mis leading people. 1,200-$3,600 in 30 to 60 days-Possible no out of pocket expenses

    You have to sign up at the $30 level and then you won't have any out of pocket to get to the next level.
  12. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    I did have a mis print with my signature, that I fixed.

    Now as to claims of misleading. I think this is more of a mis-READING by people. Very often we skim through things and don't really read them clearly. I know I have done this a many times.

    We state that you get to our "Big league" level to earn Big monthly income, with No Out of Pocket Cost. That's is true. Please don't mistake No out-of-pocket cost for FREE!

    This is all clearly explained in the presentaton of the system. This is why it's important for people to view the presentation for themselves.

    Even if one didn't want to promote that way, it does not change the powerful income this system offers, and some are promoting getting started for a mere $30 and turning that into an additional $3,330 monthly in a short period of time.

    Our 12 minute preview video is just a preview of how this great system works for the average ordinary person to be able to finally have success with networking marketing home business. It's something short and sweet to not waste a lot of people's time. If there is an interest after the 12 minute preview then they can go on to watch our full brief overview video and attend a live call.
  13. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Rlopez. I have sent you an e-mail back and thank you for the reply.
    [​IMG] clearing things up. I know we look at so much during the day and I have to go back and reread and sometimes reread again until my brain finally says ok I get it now! So you are not alone[​IMG]
  14. ChrisPotter

    ChrisPotter Guest

    TJamMoneyMan: Ok, so what are the 3 income streams?
    The way it works is... We will keep it simple and say the average person gets 3 prospects (its very possible to get many many more).

    ok so.. you get 3 prospects at $5 each = 3 x $5=$15
    Each of thoose 3 prospects gets 3 more prospects = 3x3 x$5 = 45
    Then thoose 9 prospects get 3 each at $20 a person on tier 3 = 9x3x$20 = 540

    so doing VERY minimum work gets you $600 in monthly income. That only applies if you are starting in the $30 'little league' system.

    If you wanted to start on the $300 'Big League' program, then you get $100 per prospect, so lets do that math! [​IMG]

    3 x $100 = $300
    3 x 3 x $100 = $900
    9 x 3 x $100 = $2700

    So that turns into $3900 in monthly income. Also, if you start in the 'little league' system, your prospects switch over with you when you go into the 'big league', so you can make money RIGHT AWAY!

    The system is not limited so you have no cap to your prospect list, if you want 3 prospects, then you will get a decent income, however if you want 1000+ prospects, that is definatly possible and 1000 leads that each have 3 leads turns into just over $100k a month!

    This should help anyone looking for the simple 'does it work?' answer.

    *I am an affiliate of this program, hence how i can explain it, the 'little league' system was created to give thoose who can't afford to start at $300, to earn the money to switch to the big level.*

    Chris Potter

  15. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    To understand the power of what this system does, one has to understand that people have failed in network marketing, not because of network marketing, but because most companies compensation plans are simple not friendly to the average person joining such opportunities, and they are structured where success is equivalent to trying to get to higher positions in corporate America. Since most people can't get to top income positions in corporate America, naturally the same does not occur with the similar structured networking biz opptys.

    Statistics out there say the average person will refer 3 people to an opportunity, there for if more average and ordinary people are going to have success in this great industry then we MUST have an opportunity/system that empowers a person, truly empowers financially, and gives them a genuine chance to create substantial income with just average and ordinary effort-referring 3. However, such system must not leave the more assertive ones in a position where they can't get paid what they are worth.

    Additionally, we can't have something that demands thousands to 10's of thousands of people, per person, down through some deep levels (that the masses never fill-up, but make the companies a bunch more money) in order for the person to make a good full-time income from home. Those type of structured compensations plan, flat out have establish through historical fact that they are ineffective in helping the average person, on a grand scale, create at least a 4 figure, growing, monthly income. So TCSS is bringing a solution to a problem, so that the average ordinary people can succeed with just 3, and a classroom size network of 39.
    There are countless classrooms throughout the world, thus this is a highly probable scenario for success, than having to fill up some basketball size arena downline network and getting burned out on the way to success, and thus never getting there.

    Trifecta Cashflow System For Success is a success system, not the opportunity in and of itself. The system can and will add and take away whatever is necessary for the group as a whole to have success, but we never have to focus on one individual component or company, just the system.

    To win at network marketing you MUST have a an opportunity that provides a high probability structure in which the average and ordinary person can create at least a 4 figure Monthly residual income. We have that, and it is refreshing to offer such to a person.
  16. marinad

    marinad New Member

    Hello FreeCashMan. I found this forum accidently and liked your program. But still didn't see how it works. How much time it requires, is there advertizing learning process -article directories or anything like this? Please would you explain little more about the details? I really need something that's working, I am tired spending money for things that just dont work. Thank you. Marina.
  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    There's a saying, "everything happens for a reason, no true accidents or 'strange' occurrences".

    We have a full overview that a person can review the complete details of the entire system and how it works by visiting a members website, or mine, and requesting more info. Forums like these are designed for summaries or bullet points.

    The 12 minute preview video you probably seen is not a complete overview, but designed to not waste a people's time, and simple pique one's interest so they can decide if they want to proceed further to get more details.

    Time required for success? When one has their own independent operation/biz to generate their own worthwhile income, you control the time that you want to put in. The time put in, is most often, directly proportionate to the eventual result. For example, one hour a week, will not yield you much, just as it would not on any job. However, if one only had one-hour a week to do something to get a better life, then they just need to make the most out of that one hour, but one would have to understand results will be proportionate to that hour and the effective use of it.

    If one is new to marketing, or experienced for that matter, learning online free marketing is not something that is instantly, effectively, manifested. However, ever aspect of online marketing isn't some big learning curve either. Much of it is putting in the time to establish your online presence that generate interested prospects like yourself, as the is no shortage.

    There are a multitude of ways to market that we do live training on, but also plenty of effective marketing strategies can be found, and applied, from forums like this one. I've personally learned much from forums that I've applied over the years that have help me greatly to grow my business ventures successfully (but I swear by forums like these).

    If you have realistic expectations relative to your knowledge level of networking and marketing, and you earmark your HBT-home business time, to learn and apply, then, outside of not having the 'right' opportunity, you will not be spending your money, and time, on things that don't work. You will instead be putting in the time and money for something to actually work.

    Once one has the 'right' business, consistent and effective marketing can, will and does payoff. I have never experienced anytime that it didn't. Very often people are not engaged in consistent and effective marketing, and thus they don't succeed or get frustrated.

    Regardless of what you decided to do, if others, of average and ordinary means are succeeding with it, then you most certainly have a genuine chance to do the same.

    However, some home business ventures are more Probable for certain types of income production, while others in the same category, simple are not, and are just more of a Possibility compared to Probability.
  18. marinad

    marinad New Member

    Thank you for your response. Sorry for late answer. I am in process of considering this biz, so I need some time to deside. Thank you FreeCashMan. Marinad.
  19. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    ChrisPotter: TJamMoneyMan:
    Ok, so what are the 3 income streams?

    The way it works is... We will keep it simple and say the average person gets 3 prospects (its very possible to get many many more).
    Thank you for being the only one to address this important question.
    Unfortunately, as I read your reply, you simply have not answered the question:
    "WHAT are the 3 income streams?"

    As you look through this thread, you will see LOTS words about Trifecta, but nothing that says what Trifecta is.

    Again, specifically what the three (trifecta) streams of income are.
  20. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Hey Marina, thanks for taking a look. No harm in that, and we appreciate you following the simple process to make sure you get complete up to date info on the Trifecta Cashflow System, it's income streams, and more importantly the Opportunity's Purpose to help the average and ordinary person stop failing in networking and achieve success with a more probable profitable business system and not just mere possibility like what has been traditionally offered in this industry by other companies and their compensation plan.

    We may not be the best, but we are darn good for home business success[​IMG] [​IMG]

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