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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by EyeSize, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. EyeSize

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    Hi all,

    i'm trying to create a website for people to learn how to make money online. I want to cover everything step by step. Because most ebooks tell you what to do but not how to do it. What typ's of business should I discuss. At the moment i have a course about paid to click programs paid to take surveys and playing poker online (not to much strategy's but still it's good info). The next thing i am going to discuss (its almost finished) is how to put a infostore on the web (including how to get products to sell en how to setup a website). And made a start in creating a course about setting up an estore (how to do shipping get products setting ups websites etc).

    What topics should i discuss with these courses and what courses should i definitly add. I am also going to review programs like (for example wealthtoolbox (oke dont know if this is for real but you get the idea) so if you have a program / website contact me i will see what i can do for you). All info is welcome if you have strategy's for poker etc etc.

    With kind regards,

    Ferry van Zeelst
  2. WebGuru

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    What type of site you are referring too. It seem like you are trying to make a poker site. I suggest you look at a few templates.

    Perhaps a site builder to make a site.
  3. pcwork

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    Many people earn money from paid surveys if they have the right profile.
  4. EyeSize

    EyeSize New Member

    I am creating a website like some of the tutorial websites out there it's just a website to tell people how to make money online. Poker is a way to make money online but because there is a lot of things to cover about this i dedicated a large tutorial about it. At the moment it only tells you what programs to use and how to get more statistics about players to be able to see it more as a real money making opertunity.

    Thanks for pointing out the profile thing pcwork I will definitly mention it to my readers so they will do this. Any more advice about other programs i should add would be welcome. Also if you know websites with a lot of information about different programs it would be great.

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