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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by homejobsforyou, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. homejobsforyou

    homejobsforyou New Member


    Those of you that use Twitter for the purpose of driving traffic to your site. Is worth the time and effort?

  2. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    Not in my mind ^^. I left it after a few months. It DOES help with branding and keeping in touch with your CURRENT list though =].

  3. I have been dissappointed with Twitter.

    I have thousands of followers and had great expectations.

    I would say it is not worth the time and effort. There are more productive ways of getting traffic.
  4. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    yes it worth my time. it give me traffic and lead. dont just tweet about your business in twitter. Use it like you use other social media to connect to your friend. provide some good tweet for your follower and try to Retweet them as they provide some good info [​IMG]
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Yes, it can be, but as noted you can just be "spamming" you biz opp. Set up a blog that has info about your biz opp and then tweet your post. Give the twitters some substance, sometime.
  6. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    If it's done right it works great. It earns my wife and I several thousand every month.
  7. truby

    truby New Member

    I get some traffic Twitter because my Ezine articles are automatically posted on Twitter from the back office of Ezine articles. So that doesn't take any effort at all. I only spend time clicking on followers and so forth, but hopefully I will start to convert so of my traffic.

  8. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    I agree you just can't advertiseyou won't get much out of it. You really have to make friends just as you use this forum or any other.
  9. TshirtFrank

    TshirtFrank New Member

    I like twitter and I believe that it has its uses. I have about 5k followers and it does help to direct traffic to different sites. Like everyone is saying though, it is a community and is best if you engage and use @ responses and RT often as well.
  10. debbystewart

    debbystewart New Member

    I agree that it is hard to get traffic from Twitter. I have a big follower list, close to 1000. However, getting anyone to click on any link on my tweets are almost impossible. On a good day, I get about 5 twitter referrals at the most.
  11. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Jay,

    As with anything else, it depends upon how well you use Twitter and how good your site is.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  12. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    Twitter can give you a traffic if you handle it properly. It seems like twitter is full of spammer. [​IMG]
  13. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    just use twitter to tweet what the new thing you are doing, and not just the tweet the same thing that people will ignore [​IMG]
  14. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I get a few hits a week, maybe 8-10 and its the ezine thing with me as well. I do tweet a few times a week nothing about business at all. Don't use it that much. Only about 200 followers and I have noticed a lot of spam. I end up with a lot of people who have a business in a box following me and I prefer to stay away from that.
  15. shmeeko69

    shmeeko69 Member

    I think too many people are buying into the Twitter/Facebook thing & if you start reporting your movements & hopefully get followers & visitors to your business & a few sales from it, then all the best.

    Personally I have weighed up the pro's & con's & feel that If I devote to much time to the social networking sites, I'll end up feeling like a Twit !

    Mark [​IMG]
  16. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    shmeeko69: Personally I have weighed up the pro's & con's & feel that If I devote to much time to the social networking sites, I'll end up feeling like a Twit !
    Hi Mark,

    That and you won't have time for your own site.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  17. dula14

    dula14 New Member

    I use Twitter mainly to network and follow those who have knowledge in my areas of interest. The traffic is moderate at best. I've received a lot of program offers claiming to "show how to explode your twitter traffic" but have yet to take the time for a closer look. Anybody know if any of these twitter traffic programs actually work?
  18. holidays2

    holidays2 Guest

    I monitor twitter traffic to my website forum, and posting 1 link to a particular news item on it brings about 40 or so visitors straight away. whether or not they are robots I dont know but it definetely does bring traffic if you have followers.
  19. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    It depends on how you gonna handled it. Well honestly, I get some 13% traffic using twitter. We all know that twitter is full of spamming. And some user don't follow those account who's obviously going to sell anything. It has a technique when you want to get success in twitter. And it really needs effort and time.. It's up to you if you want to stick with twitter. [​IMG]
  20. daniel

    daniel New Member

    Haven't tried to use for the promotion of my site..think I'll try

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