typing for dollars by gavin stone- is this legit?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by gyngerb, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. gyngerb

    gyngerb New Member

    I'm trying to find out if this data entry from home program. Does anyone know anything about this one?
  2. alisonlynn

    alisonlynn New Member

    i used pimpmybank.com

    it was a waste of money. too much effort involved. yes, it was free to join, but you had to pay about 50 dollars for the google adsense
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Don't waste your money on data entry programs with a joining fee. You can join many transcription companies for free
  4. kellie4004

    kellie4004 New Member

    Just purchased the program of Davens seem like alot more work to it that they lead on it to be. You purchase for 49.00 then a 29.95 fee per month to keep your website upgraded and you only have 14 day trail.... Called the customer service number back said mail box is full cant take anymore calls.. that throws a red flag up for me.
  5. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Try checking them out on the BBB website it may tell you if there are any complaintes filed against them. www.bbb.com
    I use this all the time now it gives me a little insight in who I am dealing with, also try a google seach hope this helps.
  6. Iceman93

    Iceman93 New Member

    I recently tried this program and it is a scam! I'm a college student that thought it would be nice to earn a little extra money so I tried this out. Basically you are charged an up front fee of around $50. This is the only fee they tell you about. Then they charge you $29.97 every month for something they don't even tell you about. I tried to contact them through phone and email and still haven't gotten to talk to anyone to sort out anything at all. Typing for Dollars is a major scam! You never get to talk to anyone that works for the company. My advice is to stay as far away from Typing for Dollars as you possibly can.
  7. breezy

    breezy New Member

    I just purchased this product Last friday 4/27/07, after reading your comments, I want to get my money back. It is suppose to be on a 30 day free trial. Hopefully I won't run into the same thing kellie4004 did or what iceman ran into. If I can't get a hold of them I 'm going to call my bank to block anything coming in from the name. Iceman when you were charged the 29.97 was is charged to your acct as "typing for dollars" or a different name? Please reply.
  8. eclectickrystal

    eclectickrystal New Member

    Ok, I really wich I had read this before I just gave my money away. I have never seen such crap in all my life. I was just looking to do something extra like all of you and got the same thing. . . with the special bonus of talking to someone names "Kacy" who had no problem explaining that I could call back with any questions I had. He has also been emailing with the same set-up page for the last 3 days. I have asked why his phones are being upgraded for the last 3 days and he avoids the question. I too have put a stop on my account and called the bank and orderd another credit card so they could not access my account any further. Now ask me how mad I am. . . . why isn't there a place where people can go and get typing work over the internet. . . seems like a nice idea to me, help companies, corporations etc. . . . instead we get these no good jerks who mess US all up over wanting to work. Well . . . is there anyone out there honest enough to find a work at home web site that IS true to its word!!!!! Let me know if you find one!
  9. scammed07

    scammed07 New Member

    It's definitely a SCAM! I paid 50 bucks and all they gave me was a few bad passwords and links. On top of that the 2 links they did give me had nothing to do with dataentry or making money. That's not all thank God for overdrafts, they tried to take 97 more dollars from my account but I didn't have enough. As if that wasn't enough they contacted me by phone after they took my 50 bucks and said I could get my username and password if I gave them 47 more dollars. They are all scammers and can't be trusted. I mean even some of the programs in those so called reviews of good programs are scams. Please don't spend money on these programs you will most definitely be disappointed.
  10. zoey212000

    zoey212000 New Member

    yes this is nothing but a huge scam!!t they take your money and info then you never hear from them again or can you get in touch with them...they change their name everytime they take money out of your account..so the only way to stop it is to close out your account and reopen!.. they use typing for dollars, typing4dollars, offerlabs..work at thome. etc . you get the point ..I trhink a lawyer should get a class action suit against these people and make some money off of them for a change! any attorneys out there interested???? they never answered any of the 45 e-mails I sent or the dozens of phonecalls I made or their fax for that matter ...I don;t know what we can do but am definitly willing to do whatever if anyone has a useful remedy?...
  11. peanut1tim

    peanut1tim New Member

    I was trying to research Grant Patterson, Typing4Dollars. Trying to make some money typing at home, his program asks for $47, 30 day free trial and lots of other "free" books.
    After reading all the postings, I'm very thankful I didn't give him my money.
    Is there ANY ligit web sites for an honest person to do typing from home?
    I agree, some lawyer should take this on and file a class action suit against these scammers!!! It's not fair or right!!!!

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