Ultimate Wealth FormulaX - Any comments or discussion on this one?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by delta6, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. delta6

    delta6 New Member

    Hello fellow forum members, I'm delta6 (Morris.)

    I did a search and couldn't find any reviews for Ultimate Wealth FormulaX.

    UWFx appears to be an automated system where in one pays their sponsor $77 (recurring bi-weekly, WOW) and a set up fee of $37. One then gets a free replicated web system to promote (No surprise there.) For those who can't or don't want to promote in any fashion, there is a built-in promotion system that members can buy into. However, it is much too expensive to use their internal automated advertising. One will need to use the easy to follow marketing strategies (most for free) that are clearly defined and layed out so simply that anyone can follow them. Just do what it says and you will get results quickly and easily.

    Do NOT confuse UWFx with guru programs like UWP, which is a pile of you-know-what. UWFx not only teaches new people WHAT to do, it takes them one step at a time and actually leads them to success, showing them exactly HOW to do it and WHERE. If someone fails to succeed with this business, it will be because they didn't even try.

    A tremendious advantage of Ultimate Wealth FormulaX for those new to internet marketing, is that it gives one the knowledge and direction for successfully promoting ANY business they desire, right along with the promotion of UWFx. Just do the exact same thing with the other programs as you are doing with UWFx. It's a fool-proof method for multiple income streams simultaneously - IF one actually does put in the small amount of effort that is required. One WILL NOT succeed by paying the fee and doing nothing else.

    If you have gotten into other programs and then didn't know what to do from there, now is the time to get it all going and working together.

    I would welcome comments, pro or con, about this opportunity or it's owner. I also invite private discussion by PM.

  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Morris - so are you already IN this ultimateweath thingy or just researching?
  3. delta6

    delta6 New Member

    mountainmom5: Welcome Morris - so are you already IN this ultimateweath thingy or just researching?
    "mountainmom" I love that name - sounds like a Dolly Parton song title.

    Yes, I am already signed up.

    However, I am very interested in getting other people's opinions and comments about it. The more I know about what others think about it, the better I can advertise it or give a more solid review (on blogs etc).

    Thanks for your reply, mountainmom. Without knowing what is inside, would you care to express an honest opinion about the way the site is advertised, presented, what it makes you feel about the product, etc?

    delta6 (Morris)
  4. delta6

    delta6 New Member

    mountainmom5: Welcome Morris
    BTW, mountainmom. Thanks for the welcome.

    mountainmom, do you (or any other reader, for that matter) believe that things happen when one needs those things to happen? I have been rolling an idea for a website around in my head for some time. But I could never get the "big picture" of how to make it work. Until now.

    When I signed up at UWFx, I clicked on a banner ad that brought me here. So, I registered and ask for comments on the business. Out of all the people in the forum who could have replied, who did? The person with the signature that answered a question that I've been searching for for a full month replied. No matter what anyone says, I'm going to look at this as "getting what one needs when one is ready to receive it".

    If anyone is still reading and wants an explanation to all this, here it is. I ran across SBI a couple of months ago and did some reading and a couple of searches. Then I got caught up in other things and forgot the name of the company. But I recalled that it might provide what I need to get that website rolling. I've tried for the last month to find it again with goggle but didn't use the right keywords I guess. My browser history had been "cleaned" and was of no use.

    So, thanks mountainmom. I'm sure you will have another commission before long. And if you actually read this, I would like permission to PM you concerning a couple of matters related to SBI? May I do that, please?

    Best of luck on your Survival site. Great idea. Can't wait to see what products you offer (recommend) with each topic you are covering. Are you going to offer an Affiliate Program for your Affiliate Program LOL? When my site is up and running, I would advertise your site just for a return ad. Interested? Isn't that like "Link Exchange?". Or is it "Link Back?". Wow. I need that SBI eLearing Course you sell.

    delta6 (Morris)
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    HI Morris - sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

    My life is HECTIC right now with trying to get school schedules going for my kids etc...

    I took a quick peek at some of your links there... but not enough to be talking about anything.[​IMG]

    As far as SBI - absolutely feel free to pm me with questions... I don't have all the answers but will be happy to pass on what I know or have learned...

    I am still in the beginning stages of my Survival site and only have time to build about 2 pages a month right now - SAD, I know, but once we are all settled down with school and all, I will be a flying again with it.[​IMG]

    I mostly add links to products thru Commission Junction, Shareasale, Clickbank, and various other sites I have gathered up over the past few months... and adsense of course.

    It takes time, but keep adding value wherever you post online .... whether that be on a forum, blog, Squidoo lens or SBI site.... you are doing a great job on that already, by the way...[​IMG]

    I gotta run - get kids up and ready for the day... plan a lesson for kids at church... fix something for lunch....

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