'Underground Cash Secret have anybody tried it?

Discussion in 'Wealthy Affiliate' started by amelovey, Oct 21, 2008.

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    I've never tried it. But what does that have to do with Wealthy Affiliates? [​IMG]
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    Google is your friend = )

    before joining any program you should research in & out first ..


    After 6 weeks we still haven't made any money on this or received a single thing in the mail that they promised.
    Plus my husband is now getting calls from other scam artists, so apparently UCS sells your personal info to other scammers.:grrr:

    I purchased this AND I had to purchase through midphase, another $166 and also got a pro pack. Than I did the most stupid thing. I purcahse a coach. Everytime I called my so called coach, I always got someone different and I had to explain my situation to them. I didn't get the answer and had to wait two hours before I get a call back to here A BUNCH OF HYPE. I never received a dime from this program. I cancelled and got my money back except from the coaching part. They give no refund and they call and harrass you about your remainder balance from what you owe them.

    source scam.com
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    They still find a way...

    So sad.

    People, try searching for some info before engaging into something! Just a quick search on forums will do. If it's a scam, people will start talking about it.

  6. VictoriaNTC

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    I am so sorry this has happened to you.

    In another thread we were discussing online FTC complaints, or at least threatening to file them.

    Perhaps you should try to get a refund this way?

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    You are not the only victim. I had been scammed before when I bought the Ultimate Wealth Package (UWP) from Mark Warren without doing any research on forums. I also bought a year subscription from MidPhase by paying about $140. UWP offers a free website but must be hosted with MidPhase. I got so much problem with my site and wrote many emails to Mark and Midphase. Their replies always claimed the faults lied with the other parties. In the end, I cancelled after 30 days and Midphase doesn't refund me a single penny. Not only that, they shut down my website and refused to entertain my request to continue hosting my website with them.

    Thank to those who provide information on scams so that others will not be sucked and milked by the conmen.[​IMG]
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    I can't say Underground Cash Secret is a scam, caus you do get alot of stuff but i tried to get my money back, and hum... not that easy ! you can't do it by e-mail, they make you call, witch is never convinient when you don't live in th US - and since I only paid 7$... they already know I'm gonna give up!

    They give you alot of info in the program, but nothing you can use ! they don't show you how to do anything - it's just a bunch of e books to make you feel taht you actually bought something. Stuff that most people already know if they are doing affiliate marketing, stuff you can't use if you are a newbie

    just don't buy it
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    All those ebooks that they give you are the ones you can turn around and resell yourself. That is the program. What they want you to do is find niche products and resell them individually but I think as a collection is just as good.

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