Underground Cash Secret ('Michael Vincent')

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    Hey buddies,

    I'm sure some of you are aware of it but I only just found out through a little research of my own...

    And I did run a quick google of this site to see if anyone had posted recently about 'Underground Cash Secret' and didn't find anything recent or directly linked to its dodgy reputation.

    Basically I ran into what seemed to be a very good site (as a result I had a gullible moment though thankfully it passed quickly)

    The author of Legitimatebusinessreviews.com wrote a very convincing page... but only later did I realise his headline was actually quite true (how much aware of it he is, I'm not sure...)

    His 2nd recommended program (for which he gave a score of 9.9) was Underground Cash Secret by Michael Vincent. It looked quite interesting and I thought I'd heard about it before so I took a peak.

    Vast amount of text and loads of rubbish story stuff... it was trying to brainwash and make it look so easy.

    Price: $49. Closed the browser... Special deal - $17... hmmm... nah... ANOTHER special deal - $7... interesting...

    So I decided to do some research. Eventually found that many people had been stung by this one - a guy in Singapore had lost over $5,000 because he'd also signed up to their consulting advice thing over the phone. Many people wrote off their $49 investments and put it down to experience - a sad thing to have to do. People that tried to get refunds couldn't - the contact links were non-responsive.

    This kind of stuff gives us bad names.

    STAY CLEAR of Underground Cash Secret - it is a SCAM.

    And because its author gave Underground Cash System 9.9, I know I'll be staying clear of any 'tips' LegitimateBusinessReviews.com provides.

    As far as I can see it, there's 2 main lessons to be learnt here

    1. People who are new to making money on the internet - don't be fooled. You'll hear this plenty of times but if it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true.

    2. People who are involved in affiliate marketing and promoting products - make sure you know that the product you want others to buy is genuine. You have to do YOUR research too - perhaps even more than your customer. Once your reputation takes a hit, you have to work a lot, lot harder to get some sort of creditability back.

    Good luck my friends - and stay clean!

    IP (no jokes please)
  2. getagrip

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    Thanks for posting this - its great when people like you alert others about potential scams.
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    Great Information - VERY clear and informative.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Hey Thanks.

    Great post!

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