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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by LPC, May 27, 2008.

  1. LPC

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    Hello all,

    This is my first post. I am new to online marketing, but not making money online. Started with the auto surf bubble, and continued to online casino scalping, freebie world, and online poker...Now I am interested in learning how to make some cash cows to work for me. Out of my research PL seems to be the best place to start as it gives lots of good info and it was the only offer I have not been able to find any negative reviews on it.

    My question is I have found some people offering bonuses if I sign up through their site. For example

    Would it be recommended to use this service? Are people looking for referrals and are willing to pay me to sign up for PL under them? I am use to this as it is common in the Freebie world.

    Let me know. I want to sign up within a few days. Thanks all and I am looking forward to learning and contributing to this community.

  2. 040107

    040107 Member

    I don't think you will find people paying you so you could buy Profit

    I have seen some bonuses but just about everyone of them are junk.[​IMG]
  3. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    yeh i am one of those people who offers a bonus,lol. The only reason people offer bonuses to people is that it is supposed to make the offer more appealing and help people as affiliate make sales.

    There is nothing wrong with signing up with someone, it is of no disadvantage to you. Like 040107 said i doubt people would pay you to sign up through their link because that is what the bonuses are for.

    It doesn't really matter where you sign up just whether you are interested in profit lance or not because this is what you are effectively signing up to join. Profit lance is one of the better courses i have invested in and one i would reccommed to anyone.
  4. Flyboy

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    If you aren't making any money online it can be for many different reasons. One I see happening the most is because most people try something and when it does not produce an immediate income the become frustrated and move on to something else. Well this just begins a vicious cycle. Failure is not the end-all of a new venture, it is simpley just a way you learn not to use again and move on to a new method to try. If you truely believe you have a solid business model to work with then by all means give it some time before you just give up on it totally. This is where Profit Lance can be of great value to you. I have tried many things and spent thousands of dollars on many programs but never seen one of Profit Lances caliber. It is just packed with information and constanlty updated with new and professional info. You can not go wrong with education like Profit Lance provides. As far as anyone paying you to join? I don't see giving bonuses as payment but more as an enticement to use that particular affiliates site to direct you to the main site in order to join. Either way you can't go wrong with Mikes program and education. Good luck in all your business ventures.
  5. LPC

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    Thanks all for the advise. I ended up signing up using the site I posted. Have not even looked at the bonus yet....about 50 different tools and ebooks. I did find some one who was selling PL for $67 but I wanted some of the products from the other mentioned seller. There is TONS of stuff in the PL course. Just finding time to get through it is hard, but it will be something I will stick to. I have always tried to find ways to continually educated myself....first lesson learned out of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

  6. Flyboy

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    You are right LPC, Michael has tons of great info on his site and it pretty much follows what a lot of other work at home business programs teach as well except that he is not constantly trying to sell you new stuff. Take your time and read through the course and put into practice what he teaches and you should do well.

    As with any business it isn't just a magic bullet, you will have to put lots of work into it. I see most people thinking that just because it is the Internet that they think they can just set up a business and it will run on autopilot and become a "Cash Cow". Well that is about as far from the truth as it could possibiley be. Managing your time is one of the most challanging things you will be faced with when running your own business. Discipline and a plan and sticking to the plan without interruptions is a tough thing to master. Once you do that however, you will be well on your way to a successfull online business.

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