Using a loan to purchase 5,000 Ad Packs...Any Suggestions???

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by KyleH02, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. KyleH02

    KyleH02 New Member

    Just looking for some input.

    I currently have just over 1,000 Ad Packages and after running the number I am seriously considering taking out a $5,000 Student Loan and purchasing 5k in ad pacages at the Tulsa Rally.

    With my current ad packages, the new purchase, and the 50% match; I will then have 8,500 ad packs. Now here's the plan:

    Wait 6 months and Upgrade 100% of daily earnings every day. The Ad Pack Calculator (Excel Speadsheet) tells me that assuming a daily rebate of just 1%, I will have over 28,000 ad packs after 182 days (exactly 6 months).

    At this point, I will then begin the 80/20 strategy. So 1% daily of 28,000 is equal to $280. If I keep 20% of $280 ($56) in my cash balance every day, then 30 days later I'm looking at a cashout of over $1,680 for the month.
    *Although, it would obviously be more then this b/c I would still be upgrading 80% of my daily earnings.

    Now here is the Genius in the whole idea:

    If you take just half of the $1,680 monthly income ($840) and put that towards paying back the loan, and then kept the other $840 for yourself; including the interest, the loan would be paid off in approximately 7 months.

    So in 7 months, the $5,000 loan would be paid off and then the $1,680 monthly income would have been increasing month after month. And the best part is 100% of it would be going into your pocket...

    Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/comments???? I would greatly appreciate other people's points of view as this is a hypothetical valuation of a pretty risky and less than secure opportunity.

    Thank You for Your Time.

    Kyle Horth
  2. mrich87

    mrich87 New Member


    I'm not one for recommending you take a loan out for obvious reasons, because I tend to be a little more conservative with the dollar but if you do here's a thought.....

    If you compound and reinvest daily, you will never get their 25%. Run the numbers again, but this time instead of daily re-investments, wait until you get to the $500 for the 25% bonus and then reinvest that.

    I think you will be surprised.

    No matter what you do, finish school!

  3. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    How can you get a student loan first of all and than turn around and not use it for that intent? Do you realize there could be repurcussions doing that????? Legally??

    That said, my upline took out home equity loans to buy ad pkgs.

    It's great that your strategy is to pay off interest first but as someone else said you can start for as little as $500, get matching 100% bonus which than gives you $1,000 to earn rebates off of
    and keep buying ad pkgs with the rebates earned which is a safer way to go, it will take a little longer but much safer.

    That's what I plan to do when Panda site starts for myself, my Daughter and son, that way we will each have an income of $1,000
    per month in no time, and than build our way over $1,000 a month.

    Remember one vital piece of information here!

    That $5,000 ad pkg will EXPIRE when you reached 125% profit and than the $5k goes away and once you buy the ad pkg the $5k is no longer there, the principal will be gone after earning rebates.

    Some think that the principal (the $5,000) remains forever it doesn't!

  4. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Kyle

    Whatever the opportunity and however safe it is, I do not recommend getting into a large amount of debt - which you will also have to pay interest on - for any business. And this is a business. It is not an investment

    The President himself has always said to people NOt to get heavily into debt and mortgage their houses or take out large loans (and 5000$ for a student is a large loan), It is not a question of lack of confidence in the company but more common sense.

    Why dont you take smaller sum which will be easy to cover if you have to make a repayment suddenly. You will get paid by ASD, but you cant guarantee a precise timescale as the ToC cannot offer a legal guarantee.

    And I agree with Mike - finish your studies!LOL
  5. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Would you like to buy just one piece of steak with that 5K???
  6. georgeyou

    georgeyou New Member


    Instead of taking out a $5,000 loan. Why don't you just bring 5 people with you to Tulsa that will put in a combined $10,000. This way you'll get the 50% match of $5,000 and you'll compound on the 10% referral you get every time the 5 people below you repurchase ad packages. You'll earn a lot more.

  7. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I would not get a loan for this , no way.
  8. brutus

    brutus New Member


    ASD is not a bank and it is not an investment .... it is an advertising service.

    They specifically caution you to not play with your rent money (I'd put student loans in the same category).

    I am with the previous suggestor of just introduce some other folks (or fellow students) to plug into the program at a level that they can afford and then you buy your ad packages with the commissions.

    Be safe and be smart.

    lil' Brutus
  9. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    OPM : Other People's Money.

    Leverage: Maximum Output with Minimal Input.

    OPR: Other People's Resources.
  10. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    I would never take out a loan for this, and I would never put in more than I can afford. But that's just me.
  11. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Kyle

    I bet you're sorry you asked now! LOL

    I'll go with a comibination of buying a smaller amount and sharing the programme with your friends . That way you not only get to increase your income from the comissions, but they get to make some money as well with their ads.


    p.s. I havent seen THE STEAK on the ASD rotator yet. Will look out for it when the site is back up!
  12. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member



  13. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    alasycia: p.s. I havent seen THE STEAK on the ASD rotator yet.

    Approval Pending.
  14. brt

    brt New Member

    iggyigette: alasycia:
    p.s. I havent seen THE STEAK on the ASD rotator yet.

    Approval Pending.


  15. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Hey Kyle,

    A lot of intelligent people have basically told you not to play with fire because you might get burned. I'd take their advice and not do anything foolish...

    Get A Grip and invest your money wisely! [​IMG]


  16. eurika

    eurika New Member

    mrich87: If you compound and reinvest daily, you will never get their 25%. Run the numbers again, but this time instead of daily re-investments, wait until you get to the $500 for the 25% bonus and then reinvest that.

    I have to agree with this statement I'm not sure the numbers work out..PLUS I just read a big article in Tulsa Today that ASD is going to collapse and a lot of people will lose their money.

    you should see this article or others like it.
  17. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    oh boy....same Playboy article rehashed...

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