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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by getreffs, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    Hi friends i want to know that using keyword is Domain name is good or not.
  2. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    are you asking about using keyword for domain name is good or not? using keyword for domain name is good i think. for me that was 1 of important part in keyword use
  3. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi getreffs,

    Yes, ideally the domain name would contain a keyword with search demand and would also best describe what your site is about.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    The keyword that i has targeted is Kaspersky activation key
    and my blog URL is

    My Question is that is it spam for search engines or it is ok.

    Sory for bad english.
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Yes, it does help to use your keywords in your domain, but you have to be careful about using trademarked terms.
  6. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    what do you mean by trademarked terms?
  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    A trademark termed could be the name of a company or product. For example, Apple and Ipod are trademarked terms.
  8. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    Oh shet the keyword "Kaspersky" is tradmark.
    Now what to do.
    Plz any one help
  9. Maurice

    Maurice Guest

    Keyword in the domain is a great benefit in ranking. I noticed that sites will almost always out rank sites without those keywords... as long as that keyword is the main term that is inserted into google.
  10. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    Plz help.
    They keyword which i use in my domain neme is a tradmark keyword.
    Now what to do.
    Can i place adsens in my this blog
  11. Andreabeadle

    Andreabeadle New Member

    Hi Getrefs,

    I tried to leave you some instructions for checking whether your domain was in breach of trademarks but think my post was deleted as it had a link in it.

    There is a free tool that I can point you to that allows you to put your domain name in and check in a number of countries if it breaches any trademarks.

    If you send me a message I can let you know how to go about it.

    If you have already sorted this, that's great.

  12. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    Yeah I also believe that keyword in your domain really helps. Most SE's give importance of it. As I read in forums. But it needs to optimize it by doing link building. By creating quality link with your target keyword. [​IMG]
  13. GaryCameron

    GaryCameron Member

    It was suggested to me that the best domain names for SEO are made up of three words that describe what you do and that people are likely to search for.

    Example: Functional Gourmet Coffee

    I also have a domain that matches my name. Today I rank #5 on Google and I have only been working at my blog off and on for a short time. My highest rank to date has been #4. Do note though that this isn't the ONLY technique I employ.
  14. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Absolutely use your main hey phrase in your domain.
    This helps so much.
  15. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    Placing keywords in the domain name can easily boost your ranks for the related and subject niches of your site. If you target your articles and contents to the domain you have, it will rank well in search engines.
  16. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    When you work to develop a keyword rich domain name, be creative. Make sure the name is not only relevant, but is one that will be remembered. Start off with a list of the most obvious and valid keywords for your site.
  17. debbystewart

    debbystewart New Member

    Keyword in your domain can help as long as it does not make your domain name too difficult to type or remember.
    Preferrably, it is best to get a domain name that is catchy. You can only build your keywords in your URLs.
  18. BuddyPilgrim

    BuddyPilgrim New Member

    It's imperative! Also use it in your site or blog title. And then a couple of times in the body of your content. And I strongly suggest buying your own domains!
  19. MakeMuchMoney3

    MakeMuchMoney3 New Member

    Using keyword in domain name is very important if you want to get a high rank at the search engines. You can get a high rank anyway but it is more difficult.
  20. aaramire

    aaramire New Member

    It helps alot to have the keyword in the domain name. You also have to consider the competition. Sometimes their link building campaigns are just too much to even consider trying to rank top ten.

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