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  1. 1Otis

    1Otis New Member

    Has anyone heard of varola? Do you think its worth a try?
  2. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Worth a try? Sure.

    Since there are no costs involved (and they ask for very little personal info), it seems worthwhile to try it out. It's just a matter of putting time into it.. and I seem to have plenty of that on my hands these days lol. Only time will tell if those who join will remain active and watch 10 mins of commercials daily.

    Also, by being completely free, it's fairly easy to bring people into it. Being on a team with incentives can be helpful, so look for one that offers what you want. (i.e. I'm on a team that is starting a link rotator, and provides tools for advertising.. which is useful for me personally).

    I'd say the biggest challenge for Varolo is to avoid the problem of having too many users and not enough advertisers. If they keep bringing in the big companies... it could end up going well.
  3. daseone2005

    daseone2005 New Member

    any luck with this program? interested but dont want to waste my time on something that is useless
  4. stoky

    stoky New Member

    If I understand this correctly, you earn a chance to get paid.
  5. Catherine

    Catherine New Member

    How weird. Yesterday I searched here for varolo and couldnt find any threads on it at all... and here this one is!

    Thanks you all. I did sign up for it but it seems hard to build a village.

  6. Disneynut

    Disneynut New Member

    I signed up for it, and trying so hard to build a village. Its like everyone is so scared to sign up to anything online these days because they dont know if it is legit or not. Well I for 1 can tell you it is! A friend of mine got me into in and she has a small village not a huge 1, but she does get paid!

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