VERY Worried, now-- completed training, but told I failed!! Whaaaat....?!?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by smittys_mom, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Well, the last test for the C*t* training IS hard, AND long! The system specifically tells you you have THREE tries at this, and I failed on my first go miserably....I think I was too tired, and feeling rushed besides, having had my retail job and home events keeping me from getting through this last bit of training, so much. BUT-- I studied all weekend, (I'd made notes and screenshots as to which q's I got right and wrong), and FINALLY had a chance to retake the test a SECOND time. This morning.

    I *barely* passed with an 88%, so the sytem told me. Green lettering, it said, "Congratulations, you passed", the usual.

    I closed the Skill page properly, to where it goes back to the Skills/Courses listings, and it shows STILL "FAILED" at the "Conclusion" segment. Panicked, I reopen it to see. No, it shows a GREEN check mark and Complete, and obviously, passing. I close it again CORRECTLY using the button up top right, and it STILL shows FAILED.

    I close out of training windows, and go to my West Home page. IT shows "FAILED", "Thank you for your time and efforts, blah, blah, blah, " don't call us we'll call you kinda thing, and even after I refreshed it, it STILL showed "Failed". I am on the verge of tears!! I have worked my @$$ off since the end of January trying to get all this studying and diligent training and testing in, have jumped thru all the hoops, and even after PASSING the final test, having done ALL the required webinars and Supplementals and passed, I now find I am REJECTED!!!

    Barely holding back tears, but expressing my great worry over this, I called a PAL, Sam, who assurred me it is a problem with the sytem, that this happemns from time to time, and he would immediately contact HR (or whomever...I can't recall who he said now, I was SO distraught at the time of my call!) and he would get it straightened out. He verified with me my passing score-- although it was low, I DID pass!-- and said he would take care of it, and I should see an adjustment to my status in a couple of hours. AND, that if I didn't see it change by tomorrow, to call again, and inquire again. Oh, you can bet I WILL if it doesn'T!! I didn't work my butt off for this just to be dumped at the end of it all and given the kiss-off!

    I do wonder, does this have anything to do w/ C*t* getting more money/aid from the gov't, any of this financial bailout cr@p? In other words, is C*t* going to now put on hold those who didn't finish and get on fully BEFORE the bailouts? Am I just screwed now, a day late and a dollar short, so to speak? Sure, I am still a West employee, but this is the gig West assigned me to FIRST, right after hiring; I am leery of other Skills offers, since I have a cousin who's now being bounced from skill to skill, and finding the he's having to scrabble hard for hours before they all get West, as an employer, finally being impacted by the current flux of the economy too now, like every other job in the US, including the retail store I work in??

    Has anyone else run into this brick wall this week/last week, since completing training? I am really worried a dream has possibly proved itself to be a pipe dream, and that my hubby may have been right after all about this....!
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    I wouldn't worry about it. The same thing happened to my boyfriend a month ago on the D*TV skill. He called a PAL and within 48 hours he was fine. He did have to call a couple of times. Just stay on top of it...and when on the C*t* skill that's the best piece of advice I can give to you......stay on top of the PALs whenever you have an issue b/c if you don't they will take forever. It took me 3 weeks to get my password reset for SG after waiting for 3 weeks to get logins. So just hang in there it will be okay.[​IMG]
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    hello smitty , i didnt do c*t* test, but i failed another test, i didnt do any scren shote just takes note, and for me was little hard and long , anyway i failed, i send messages i call everywhere?, but not body asnwer me back after 2 or 3 weeks i failed my test i check my messages board and they invited to do another test for whirlpool recall and this time i pass 8), was very short but little long too but easy, thanks god! the next day after i received the invitation i also received a e-mail from human resources telling me , of course i can have another chance!, i very strange that west give a second chance , i one of the lucky ones i thing... because i read a lot people who failed the test , they never received anoither chance... but i also hear and read, like my case they giving another chance also they apply again with other e-mail...., you can try call, send e-mail and if you that u dont have any answer in 3 or 4 weeks try to apply and i few months with other e-mail, that one work!
    i know is very frust... and sad when we failed the test, because thats happen for me too, but dont worry .... do anything u can to see if they can give you another chance ok !!! good luck!

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