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  1. tmorrison

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    I'm just wondering if any of you guys have heard about VIRAL ADS UNLEASHED? It seems to be a breakthrough traffic-generating service that does all of the hard work for you, allowing you to flood your web site with targeted visitors in many different ways.

    I am already having some interesting & AMAZING success with the program in such a short time...

    I would like to get your thoughts on it...

    All the best,

    Thomas Morrison
  2. Silverstone

    Silverstone New Member

    Well I glanced at their site, and 2 things come to mind:
    One, I'm not sure I want to have other people's ads on
    my site, might detract from the message I want to instill.

    Two, Alexa ranks this site # 6,971,087 in traffic.
    That is extremely low.

    However, maybe it is so low because it is new? How
    long has this been around?

    Also, perhaps I would be willing to allow the small ads to be
    placed on my site if they were only on the "thank you" page, i.e.
    after someone had already signed up.

    Jaime McCarley
  3. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Your correct...Viral Ads Unleashed is NEW and is in pre-launch phase...I believe it was just release this week.

    It's simple really, to earn credits/views to have your text ads displayed on other members sites, all you have to do is place a simple line of html code on your sites. Then each time someone visits your site, they will see your widget or ad block and you'll earn credits/views back to your site. This works 5 levels deep in your downline and grows exponentially.

    There are many other ways built into the system to earn credits aswell. The best way to learn how it works is to sign up and test it out. Its free...Its pretty cool and easy to work with.
  4. ca10452

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    Hey do you know how I can buy access to the 86,400 seconds in a day video that was posted on ASDpro? I've looked all over trying to find who produced that video and I can't find any contact info. If you could call me or email that would be great. My contact info is 952-381-4048 and Thanks! Best wishes,


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