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  1. kimberlyddg

    kimberlyddg New Member

    Here we go again with the pay issues. I've went from .23c a min to this pay by contact of .90. Now we are getting 8.50 per hour. ONCE AGAIN I am getting screwed by W*st for pay. I answered 52 calls last night in a 3.5 hour period and only made 31.10. I actually lost almost 15.00 in just on night from the .90 per contact not to mention what it would have been for .23c. grrrrr...... I am not sure how much longer I will be working for them. I've been with VM line for 2 years and it keeps getting worse and worse and they keep taking and taking. Sorry to vent here but gosh this is getting ridiculous.
  2. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    I quit VM over a month ago actually, I worked for that skill about 8 months. The .23 cents a minute was actually great pay, but then they went to per contact of .90 and I lost a significant amount of pay due to that. After I quit VM I got another Skill within 5-7 biz days. I'm doing call conferencing now for Wst. But, 8.50 an hour for VM is horrible.
  3. GinaM

    GinaM New Member

    I have a question about this issue...
    I'm awaiting my logins now from Activations...
    Is this only for the AYS agents or the activations agents as well?
    Because when I chose this as my skill it said I would be paid by the minute.
  4. kimberlyddg

    kimberlyddg New Member

    Nope Ac*ivations is 8.25 per hour. W* changes the rules whenever they feel like it.
  5. steph

    steph New Member

    the per hour rate is also in affect for ays at 8.50 but it is temporarily for both skills until the fourth but they sent emails out stating that if we keep our handle time down they may consider changing per hour than per contact.
  6. kllyfy

    kllyfy New Member

    Does anyone know when west will send you a welcome email I mean I have been waiting well over 2 weeks now, and still no reply HR hasnt contacted me either!
  7. ASDsupporter

    ASDsupporter New Member

    I got accepted at W* and I only saw some jobs taht were credit card stuff during hours I can not train or work. I liked Lv Ops as I got to choose my hours. the only thing with them is I got sick and lost my voice for 4 weeks and they dropped me. Now I have ot reapply. Stink!
  8. kstrawb2000

    kstrawb2000 New Member

    I just finished my training with Direct and I wanted to know how long will it take for the next step and what is the next step?
  9. Gunsnroses

    Gunsnroses New Member

    I have just finished my webinar for VM activations and didnt know what to do next . Am i supposed to wait for logins ? how does it work PLEASE HELP . THANKS
  10. Silverstone

    Silverstone New Member

    I looked at west and thought about trying it, but the pay did not seem worth the effort, especially in light of the comments above.

    There's another one too, alpineaccess which offers "Virtual Call Center Solutions" which involves you answering their calls from home and getting paid.

    I did not try either of these, mostly because the "pay factor" seems to be a bit iffy, but also I was lucky enough to find a "real" job with a call center where I live.

    I do however use another technique to earn money Online, and I got started with it because it is free. It works for me 24/7, even while I am sleeping (or at work).

    Jaime McCarley

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