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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by yoyos, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. yoyos

    yoyos New Member

    Hello, I am currently doing the West at home Virgin mobile training. I am on page 28 of 30 of the VMU Activations and it is time for a test. My question is....after I am done taking this test am I done with training or is there more? I just dont know whether I am going to fast or to slow through this process?

    Any feedback is truly appreciated!

  2. school44

    school44 New Member

    Hi yoyos,

    Depends on whether it's activations or AYS, but either way, you can tell when youl og into training. It has a full contents list of all that is required and each item in the list will be marked off completed as you finish. Check the list ans ee where you are.
  3. yoyos

    yoyos New Member

    Hey school44,

    thanks for the reply, however I am wondering if when I take the test is that it for the whole training? I have seen the checklist with the check marks.

    Also, how long did it take you to do the whole training?

  4. kburch01

    kburch01 New Member

    After the test that is the end of the online training. You will then get an email to attend an instructional webinar for more training. I don't know what happens after this because I am attending the webinar tonite @ 6pm
  5. yoyos

    yoyos New Member

    Hey kburch01,

    Thx for your reply, could you please let me know what happens after your webinar? It is greatly appreciated!

  6. school44

    school44 New Member

    After, the webinar, you'll get an e-mail that lets you know it is complete and they are waiting for your logons to be assigned. That process can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Logons are issued by VM and apparently they just "get here when they get here". Keep checking Spe*trum when you log onto the gateway. If your logons are in, you should be able to pick up hours. You won't ever receive an e-mail with actual logons. They have them and they autopopulate when you log into the Ga*eway.
  7. yoyos

    yoyos New Member

    I did my Webinar Sunday September 14th and I still havnt received my log-ins....should I be concerned or are they on there way?


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